Sunday, November 30, 2014

Maisy had a little farm, E I E I O!

Written for today's Sunday Whirl

     It was hardly a farm, but that’s what Maisy liked to call it. She did have a small tractor and a couple of cows though. This year her little field of crops was doing pretty well. When she'd scattered the seeds she was certain that come the autumn she would be able to produce something that would be the talk of the harvest festival. And as the day approached she would gaze upon the splendor of the lush green bounty she saw before her.
     The big day arrived. Maisy bent down and started cutting the best pieces she could find to take to the festival. It was then her brother Tom staggered up to her, bottle in hand, and started shouting something incomprehensible. Maisy told him in very plain terms to go away, but no, he barged into her sending flat on her back.
     Her tractor and one cow fell on the floor and her handful of mustard and cress got caught in the breeze from the open widow and blew all over the kitchen. Anyway, mother came to rescue and after gathering up what she could with one hand, whilst holding a wriggling Tom with the other, calm was eventually restored. An hour later Maisy proudly added her contribution to the display of fruit and vegetables in the school hall and sang ‘we plough the fields and scatter’ at the top of her voice!
     She gave up farming the next day. Now her tractor and cows rattle around at the bottom of the toy box but at least she’s able to say that she once gave the world some food!

The observant among you may have noticed that I omitted two words! The school harvest festival was of course a secular affair given the mix of cultures we live in today, and the fruit were still wearing their skin! Happy now?!!!

By the way, I didn't contribute last Sunday as I was the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. If you are interested, my photos are down below! 


  1. A sweet story. The denouement was superb.

  2. I loved the picture in my mind of the toddler with his bottle in hand creating havoc in her play space. Delightful as always Keith and the shots in the Grand Mosque are superb.

  3. This is the sort of scene I see 'played' out on an almost daily basis. Great job bringing it to life in this cute tale.

  4. Great little tale and good use of the words. Looked at your photos and would like to know if you'd mind if I played with a few of them? You can see my work on Facebook at Elizabeth Crawford Katch.


    1. No problem, help yourself. I' ll drop by your fb page.

  5. Love the photos. Excellent work.



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