Sunday, September 21, 2014

Forgive me Father

A lone figure stood before the altar. He crossed himself, a simple act which he hoped would begin his journey to forgiveness. On his weary face a blank expression, in his heart a  rolling  ocean of regret, in his soul sea of shame. His mind, searching for a reason. He dropped to his knees. Why did he do it, what had he hoped to gain? How could he live to an old age harbouring such a secret ? No longer could he keep the memory hidden deep inside. Would the God he had for so long denied, now give him a chance to redeem himself? We will never know, not in our lifetime anyway because a few hours later he was found on the altar steps, a drab and pathetic  figure, life drained from him. A shaft of sunlight pierced the  gloom and bounced from a shining cross which stood above him. For a moment, a brief moment, its reflection bathed him in a pool of gold. Amen.


  1. A brief moment of gold is probably some kind of salvation...Amen to that hope

  2. Excellent use of the words. I often wonder though whether atonement is best achieved by righting wrongs with the victim rather than through an intermediary. Forgiveness doesn't come he found out!