Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beachy poetry!

The topic at this weeks Poetry Jam is The Sea


I sense silence. Yet all around I hear the sounds of nature. The shingle crackles and grates under my feet, the rhythmic whoosh of the waves fills my ears and the shrieking of a hundred gulls gives a voice to the deserted shore line.

Here I am alone. Yet my companion, this hidden secret beach, is here to wrap me in splendid seclusion. I am alone but I share my very being with the raw edge of nature.

Here I hear my own voice, though silent. Here my thoughts surround me. Here I am at one with myself yet enveloped by a greater force, one which allows me the freedom I crave whilst lifting me out of myself and cradling me in glorious isolation.

The beach is ever changing. Some days filled with wrath, others tranquil and calm. Some days the sea is an enigmatic aqua, another as grey as granite. I look toward the horizon and see my life uncharted. What lies beyond? Who can tell?

But here I can be myself. Unquestioned, unchallenged. Here I can think, consider, compose.

*  *  *

I thought I would also throw in a poem I wrote during a snowy week a couple of Winters back!


The beach looks different today

The sea the sky the waves are grey

Pebbles now are hid from sight

The shore a sheet of dazzling white

I hear a laugh I see a child

throwing snowballs running wild

There a puppy leaping high

chasing snowflakes in the sky

I look around, I love the way

the beach looks different today


  1. Ah, Keith, you are so fortunate to live so close to the sea. I like both of your poems, as they show both the changing as well as the inspiring facets of the beach. I like the way you expressed the wonder of being surrounded by a greater force & being able to find your own voice in its presence! Lovely writing, Keith!

  2. I really miss living by the sea, it's the place I feel most at peace with life and myself.

  3. i luv the both; have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  4. I like your keen observation of the beach, especially the multiple sounds, and how much it shows your love for it. The sea certainly has a unique quality that both pieces convey in a beautiful way.

  5. the speaker's awe in company with the greater force is an enriching experience....also love various faces of the sea beach specially the icy beach...

  6. Oh no...White sand palm trees and surf boards. That is the beach:)

  7. Been there, both settings! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pieces. Loved them both.

  8. How beautiful... the expressions the feelings the emotion so beautifully tied togetther... indeed the sea invokes a different happy feeling in our minds...

  9. Both convey such feeling for the sea and its shoreline. The photos are striking as well. Living as I do in a snowless place I never thought about what a beach would look like in snow. Thanks for posting these at Poetry Jam.

  10. Wow! Beautiful picture and beautiful words!

  11. You perfectly captured the way I feel on an empty stretch of beach. There is something about the solitude of nature that gives such peace. Really lovely. The second poem was very fun :-)

  12. Oh you are speaking right to me........when I lived at the beach, I needed no one and nothing else.Sigh. I drank in every line of your first poem. And, like you in your second poem, I loved how every single time I stepped out onto the beach, it looked different. Ever-changing, ever the same. Now I am good and homesick! Beautiful writing.

  13. Beautiful words and lovely how we look upon the wonder of creation, the joy of the beach.

  14. There is always so much inspiration at the beach and the sea....both poems are lovely Keith.

  15. The sea is the best therapist in the world... you've captured the essence of inspiration beautifully and succinctly

  16. two poems for sea reflects how much it inspires you

    See The Sea

  17. Beautiful poems, both very reflective and inward-looking, although both inspired by the natural forces that surround you.

  18. many lines are awesome.... ...I liked the "the raw edge" ..........beautiful poems......



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