Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sunday Scribblings 2

I was talking to Brenda Bagley the other day. I noticed she had another bag inside her hand bag. ‘Why?’ I asked. ‘Because’ she said. ‘Because?’ I asked. ‘I keep a big bag inside my little bag in case I bag a bargain’. ‘Like what?’ I asked ‘Well, yesterday I got some cheap bagels and baguettes’ she said. ‘The other day I got some cheap pants but they were a bit baggy’. Once she began she didn’t stop! ‘I got some bug spray, some bog roll (toilet paper to you and me) and some other bargains’. She continued. ‘I got some cut price lettuce, cos, ‘coz they cost less’. She carried on. ‘Some cabbage and carrots and cake and camembert and even a new camera’ she gushed.

She always talks like that. Some say she has the gift of the gab. I say she garbles and others recon she needs a gag! That’s our Brenda Bagley!  

For Sunday Scribblings 2 This week's prompt word is BAG.


  1. Jealousy will get you nowhere Keith. I can see you would like a spare bag inside your wallet, you can't fool me.

  2. Simply speechless said she! Without wry or witty words !!

  3. Definitely not a gift, heee heee heee