Wednesday, August 20, 2014


This is my first visit to Poetry Jam. This week we write poems on the theme of 'Path' 

She sits and stares
Unfocused eyes swimming to the horizon
Gazing into infinity

No sign of tears
Her expressionless face an empty canvas
A sea of pallor

I look into her eyes
I see nothing but a swirling mist of grey
That sparkle gone

I try to ask  why
But a cloud of despair envelopes her
She hears me not

But I will wait
I’ll stay by her side for as long as it takes
for her to return

But for now
she wanders a path  of her own
Somewhere. Alone

I know not where

Picture : misty night by sanzoukyou at deviantART


  1. Perfect! I love this! I understand those moods...

  2. mmm...made me think of someone that has dementia and those that love and care for the hope that they come back..which would be such a hard place to be...

  3. The strength of love will sustain itself. One waits and look forward for the good times even though it seems endless! Wonderful write Keith!


  4. here the uneasiness of the speaker is haunting...hope the traveler knows which is very unlikely that there's comfort at the end of her return journey ...a beautiful poem...welcome to Poetry Jam :)

  5. there is a feeling of emptiness and a little enchantment in this, this is captivating.

  6. I agree with Brian. This seems like the face of dementia to me. It is so sad to look into the eyes of a loved one and to see only 'a swirling mist of grey.' This is a path that definitely is traveled all alone, and there is no going back!

    Great to see you, Keith. Glad you are still active in the blogosphere, and hope you will be a regular visitor here!

  7. I thought of dementia too, or of someone who had disappeared without leaving a note behind or explained the path she had taken and the persona remembers her last facial expression. A powerful write!

  8. This really touches my heart, Keith... so glad to see you at Poetry Jam!

  9. Very nice poem ! Have a nice trip to France !

  10. So many reason for being in that state.. why people drift apart.. almost beyond pain and loss..very well penned

  11. Sad and moving tale ~ This also struck me as someone who is very ill and has lost his or her memories ~ Good one ~

  12. What a melancholy and forlorn picture you paint, Keith. How often we have to tread the path alone... This was a very special read.
    Welcome to Poetry Jam!

  13. Sad. Let us hope this is only temporary and her sparkle returns soon

  14. Such a feeling of sadness in this along with love and loyalty as well. She is a lucky woman to have someone willing the walk along side her. Welcome to Poetry Jam.

  15. I too felt the wanderings of a mind that has drifted away to some far away place. I could feel your words filled with sadness yet hope.

  16. This is sad yet truly beautiful Keith. Sometimes we lose those we love to illness or depression, but we must never lose hope. Hold on to the beauty...hold on to the hope.

  17. I totally agree with Carrie. As long as you hold her hand through her path, I'm fairly sure she'll be alright :) Beautiful.

  18. Loved the mystery associated with this piece ... very well woven :-)

  19. Very well put to "paper". There are so many ways to leave, and how wonderful to have someone loving and patient, waiting for them to return.