Saturday, July 05, 2014

Just reach....

'Reach for your dreams’ the voice in her head whispered. ‘Reach, just reach, and one day soon you will achieve all you desire’.

She wandered in the meadow, the long grass caressing her feet. ‘Reach for the sun and cast aside the clouds’ the unseen voice murmured. All around, butterflies danced and birds whistled sweet melodies. A waterfall splashed a thousand sparkling crystals into the air, and the warm breeze raised the slender branches of a tree and it's leaves pointed skyward. Her heart was filled with blissful hope. She reached higher and higher, hands held open in eager anticipation. ‘Reach high, reach far, and you shall reach paradise’ the unseen voice breathed. The suns’ warm rays kissed her palms. Then she tripped on a rock, fell and broke her arm. ‘Woops’ the unseen voice sighed.


  1. So easily done, nature is a bit of a trickster.

  2. Tsk..and here was i fingers hovering over a road to Damascus comment..aah..but the best of us fall down..