Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The outdoor life for me!

I got back from a camping trip a few days ago. I found a very special place to stay and so I'd like to tell my tale to my fellow Sunday Scribblers who have the word place to consider this week. My trip also  fitted perfectly with this weeks' Sunday Whirl words....except one which still hangs in the air unused! 

Deep in the forest something stirred – me! Many years ago one of my passions was getting back to nature. Having gone quite a while without sleeping under canvas I decided it was time to once again experience the magic that is camping. I’ve always thrived on discomfort as followers of my travels will know; characters building you know. So, armed with the latest pop up tent, I ventured alone into the woods and found myself  in a perfect place; a sun dappled clearing just meant for me. 

In this special place I immediately I felt at one with nature. After wrestling with my tent I sat back, beer in hand and glowed with contentment. There I was, just the creatures of the undergrowth and me. The occasional hum of a bee, the stare of an inquisitive deer, a swarm of little midgey things and twigs dropping on my head thanks to some overhead squirrels.

I remember as a child listening to a song to which the words went ‘If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise’.  Well, it wasn’t a teddy bears picnic which was to provide it, but a rude awakening in the early hours of the morning when torrential rain, lightning and thunder came storming overhead. With the first crash made me jump out my skin; well, out of my sleeping bag to be precise. I quite enjoy a good storm when I’m watching it from a window, but from within a canvas chrysalis it’s a whole different matter! But I survived and the next morning as I trudged around my mud pit, surveying the scene and soaking up the tranquillity, I thought to myself, this really is heaven.


  1. Keith,

    I am so glad you did this for me. I have felt the yearning to camp again but then reality seeps in and I know that dry, warm and comfortable are good things too. Maybe we will do it a little...glamping may be my way of getting back to nature.

  2. We went camping 3 weeks ago and few weeks ago before that. It is addicting & hopefully we will find a place to camp thats not as boring as the place we are going to now. I want something thats as pretty as this one! Is that too much to ask. This place is really awesome. The water, the view, the landscape is just perfect for camping! #WW

  3. You use of the phrase "soaking up the tranquility" after the storm was sublime Keith. My idea of camping is a first class hotel!

  4. It certainly is heavenly Keith! We used to go on camping trips and river expeditions. They were fun! Thanks for the memories!


  5. The beer looks good..it all looks beautiful in fact..probably satisfying dealing with life's big surprises in your own little sun dappled clearing...love all the green too

  6. Oh, the joys of camping! And the occasional challenge!

  7. You, Mr. Hillman, are a brave soul to be commended: first, for your bent toward character-building, to actually seek it, when most (like me) duck and dive until a character-building incident finds us; and second for setting up such an inviting-looking camp site : )
    Miss A



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