Sunday, July 27, 2014

Glory Be

This weeks' words are hallowed, skill, blasts, hunt, stained, shallow, thrill, whack, unfolds,centre, dabble and reveal. I have omitted 'whack' as it didn't seem to go with the subject matter of my piece!

An expectant congregation sits swathed in tinted sunbeams drifting from the glorious stained glass which punctuates the dark yet hallowed walls of the ancient building. As the organist’s fingers lightly dabble the ivory keys, a shallow mantle of delicate tones creates a serine and tranquil tone. And then, hush. Gradually, in the distance, the dulcet tones of mellifluous voices reach heavenward.  Then a blast from the organ and the melody of a much loved hymn fills every corner. A line of sombre ecclesiastics processes down the nave followed by a score of choirboys and lay clerks, their gowns of red and white illuminating the scene. They burst into joyous song from the centre of the cathedral as they shuffle towards the quire. They reach their stalls then turn toward the worshipers and a divine harmony unfolds to thrill all who witness it. Once again their God given skill has hunted out and found the souls of all around and raised them to another level. 

Glory be, Amen.


  1. You don't need to practice religion to appreciate the tradition around it...the sounds and sights and rituals...magical...and soaring..definitely uplifting to see it reflected here...I can see why whack didn't fit

  2. I seldom go to church any more, but when I do it is all that you describe that pulls me there. Thank you for reminding me,


  3. The choirboys would however be thinking of whacking a cricket ball after the service. However to introduce that may have detracted from the beauty of your words.

  4. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

  5. There's something quite special about sitting in church and seeing the sunlight spill through a stained glass window. I always loved attending our old church home Easter Sunrise service. It always made me sense God's presence even more somehow. BTW, I named you as this week's WW featured photographer. My post will go live tomorrow night at 7pm EST. Congrats!! Have a good week!