Sunday, June 22, 2014

Twinkle twinkle little star

This weeks Wordle is a dark affair. Tales of strange happenings, of plague and  pestinance, scourge and visitation come to mind. I remember the story of a beautiful creature who  would seduce her prey by dancing  him into a trance. She would plant a tender kiss on his lips and at once blood would trickle from his mouth before she claimed him for herself, never to be seen again. Accounts of gun toting demons, praying faceless monks and levitating tables. The turning of a tarot card, forewarning of dreadful events to come.

I found myself staring in the mirror the other day. My reflection said to me ‘A penny for your thoughts’. I heard something drop to the ground and I looked down to see a little coin shining back at me. So I took it to my desk, sat down, placed my fingers on the keys and this is what tumbled out. 

The street was busy. Shoppers bustling their way along, loaded with bulging bags and totally oblivious to others swirling around them. I couldn’t wait to get the heck out of there. One more shop and then home. It was then I saw her. Nobody else seemed to, but that is sadly the way people are these days. It was a heartrending site. There she sat, on the pavement, leaning against a post. She was small, with pale skin and long blonde locks. Tears ran down her cheeks. On her forehead, a purple bulge; in her hand a white mobile phone. My immediate thought that the hapless kid had been concentrating on her phone rather than where she was going as so many do, and walked smack into the post. She had a distant look in her glassy eyes as she stared skyward. It was then I heard her quietly singing to herself; twinkle twinkle little star… As folk continued scurrying past, I knelt and asked if I could help her. She stopped singing, and stared into my eyes. I repeated myself, but got no response. I suggested I take to the Starbucks a few yards away. She looked at me and started singing twinkle twinkle little star again. I wondered if a trip to the emergency ward would be more appropriate, but I again suggested we get a coffee or something. I often go there she whispered. What, Starbucks I asked? No, the little stars she said.

I helped her to her feet and we went into the coffee shop where I sat her down at the nearest table to the door. A passing assistant stopped and looked at her. To my relief, my initial thought that she was visible to just me was dispelled! I’ll get something for that bump she said, and came back with a plastic bag of crushed ice. There you are she said, a cappu-pillow! Get it? Cappu-pillow she said again as giggled her way back the bar. I followed her and ordered a couple of coffees. When I returned to the table cups in hand, the girl had gone. All that remained was the bag of ice sitting in a puddle on the table. Oh well I thought, looks like I’m drinking two cups.

Suitably refreshed, I walked back into the street. I spotted a friend on the other side of the street. I called out, and he waved. I stepped off the kerb and was suddenly aware of a blaring car horn and the screeching of tyres. Suddenly something unseen dragged me backwards and deposited me on the pavement and leant me against a post – the very post where I’d found the young girl thirty minutes earlier. I was in a bit of a daze. People had stopped to stare. I could see them talking to me but I could hear nothing. Nothing that is except the ringtone of my mobile phone. But not the usual ringtone; it played twinkle twinkle little star. I took it from my pocket and looked at the screen. Thank you it said.

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder who you are.

Picture 'cry baby' by SOS Photos at DeviantART



  1. I don't think I like those stars..but I like the story very much..and am turning off my mobile phone..shiver..

  2. What a wonderful little story, left more questions than answered….made me wonder about everything?

  3. This is indeed a wonderful story, with a moral of course; "Do as you would be done by". Was this not used by Charles Kingsley in "Water Babies"? Your tales are a delight Keith.

  4. That was brilliant and spooky too.

  5. A fantastic story! I loved how you introduced it...seemed to me that I could hear Rod Sterling from the Twilight Zone. The end gave me a shiver of delight. Brilliantly done!



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