Sunday, June 29, 2014

Single unattached female

I feel a Wordle coming on!

She didn’t want to do it; not really. Well, maybe the thought had entered her mind, but it hadn’t got far past its entrance! But her friends could be very persuasive. Sharron was after all in a new phase of her short but colourful life. She'd recently packed up with her fella’. He was a bass player in a band but his performance had  gone a bit off key just lately if you know what I mean! 

'Well what’s to lose' she thought? 'I'll start from scratch. Internet dating here I come.' She chuckled to herself. "So, at present I’m a female (well actually I always was but you know!) single, unattached, witty, pretty, blah blah, blah". Oh yes, I must tell you this. Her friend said she should put GSH . She said back, "But I haven't got gas central heating, mine's electric - oh, that would be GCH!" Anyway, she took a selfie, then another selfie and then another until she got one that was reasonably flattering and added to her profile hoping it might just attract a grain of interest from an eligible young man somewhere out there in Singlesville!

Well, it worked. So well in fact that she was a bit spoilt for choice.  There was one in particular she was especially drawn to. ‘Same interests, looks a bit of alright' she thought 'Here goes!’ And so it was they arranged to meet.

A couple of days later Sharron was sitting in a bar at the table he’d suggested. Back left hand corner he’d said. She was early or he was late; she wasn’t quite sure. She’d not been there before. It was a weird place, a bit sinister if you know what I mean. And empty apart from a disinterested Goth kind of girl standing behind the bar chewing and reading some gossip mag. 'I wonder if that's a Gothip mag?' she thought to herself then gave herself an imaginary round of applause. Goth looked up but made no effort to move. “What ya’ want babe?” she called out. ”Oh, I’d like a coke please”. “Ice ‘n slice luv?” “Oh why not, let’s go mad ha ha!” She got no reaction to her quip. Oh well. Just then a man walked through the door. When he was level with the bar he muttered something to Goth and Goth muttered something back looking over to the table as she spoke. The man picked up the coke and approached a very curious Sharron. He was a bit weird she thought. Nothing like the chap she’d expected. He was dressed all in black with a black hoodie partly obscuring his face. He said nothing but there was glint in those charcoal eyes that didn’t seem quite right. He approached her table. “Hi I’m Sharon” she said grinning from ear to ear and stabbing her hand forward hoping to give his a shake. Nothing. She took a gulp of her coke. ‘Oh dear’ she thought ‘This isn’t looking to good’. She took another swig of her coke and felt a bit dizzy. ‘Must be the excitement’ she thought. ”So” she said “You must be …” and her mind went totally blank.

Three weeks later

It was dark down there, always dark. Except when someone came down to give her some food or change a beer barrel, and then a little light would enter her dismal surroundings. Where she was and why she was there she knew not. She didn’t know how long she’d been there; in fact she knew nothing, nothing about anything. She felt nothing and she remembered nothing from one hour to the next. Then one day there was an enormous crash, the door flew off its hinges and several uniformed men with dazzling torches rushed in.

It took a while but she recovered. Not entirely. Fortunately she remembered nothing of her ordeal, but then she remembered very little of anything. Her friends decided to take her out one night. They took her to a club. There was a band playing and she found herself staring at the bass player. He stared back. There was something about the glint in his charcoal eyes and the black hoodie.  



  1. Now that is weird, spooky almost. It is bad enough getting invaded on the net for just publishing fiction, but to date? Uggh! However for all that your story telling is superb

  2. Love it because so strange in it's way. Now do we get a second part?

  3. I think I would rather remain unattached..gulp ;)

  4. Oooh. . .chilling. Could be a story for Law and Order:SVU, except she needed to be pregnant when she awoke, with no way of knowing the father. Very well done short story, and an interesting take on the theme.

  5. Well written with just enough dangling questions to keep the reader asking him/herself what happened for days after.




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