Sunday, February 16, 2014

Look into my eyes.......

 This week's Sunday Whirl challenge. It think I've used all the words!

Generations of his family had been blessed, if that’s the word, by an ability to produce a state of hypnosis on whomever and whenever they wished. They were notorious for performing their tricks on the most unsuspecting subjects at unexpected moments, but always in jest.  It was however useful when visiting the pub with empty pockets – a round or two of drinks was always easily and freely forthcoming once the mind of a mark was infiltrated.

Jamie discovered his gift a little later than his family had anticipated. They had all but given up when one day he got a young lady to……well, I’ll leave it to your imagination. What had been little more than cheeky party tricks to his relatives had taken off in a new and unwelcome direction. He was able to spread his sinister talent like a virus. No one was safe if they possessed something he desired. So talented was he, that if confronted about a mysterious happening, he could enter the mind of the accuser and banish their troublesome thoughts to the dark recesses of their mind.

So brazen was Jamie that eventually he was bound to fail. He met his match. He chose the wrong person to frame for the disappearance of a month’s worth of wages from one of his work colleagues. It was a brave and risky undertaking on the part of his challenger, but it was successful enough to achieve an appearance by Jamie in the county court.

Jamie stood in the dock looking weak and vulnerable. He was alone. His family were not there to support him. He hardly expected them; he had after all brought them into disrepute. But one by one he looked into the eyes of the jurors, the judge and the prosecutor.

Twenty four hours later Jamie was relaxing by a pool, a glass of champagne in hand, on a faraway paradise island surrounded by unsuspecting millionaires.

Oh what fun he would have there!


  1. You've come up with an entertaining tale. I do think you used the entire list too.

  2. Those millionaires don't know what's about to hit them!

  3. This would make a great film!



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