Sunday, February 02, 2014

The return of My Friend Rosey!

Time for me to have another go at The Sunday Whirl! In case you are unfamiliar with the idea, our task is to write something using all the words in the picture. So, let’s have a go!

Just lately I've had messages from several people telling me they are beginning to miss the stories I used to post about my friend Rosey. For others of you who are new to my ramblings, Rosey is what can best be described as a confused thirty something who comes from a privileged background, had an expensive education, and then drifted into a world of her own where everything is lovely and everyone beautiful. The thing was, I felt that after several years of making good humoured fun of her, the time had come to give it and her a rest! But it seems I was wrong. Even Rosey claims to miss the fame and notoriety she enjoyed in my former writings. It seems she felt a kind of synergy between us which she now misses. She even thinks there is potential for another book of her tales, My Friend Rosey Volume Two! Certainly the first one I published went down pretty well, so it just might make sense.

It was yesterday that something from many years ago brought the idea back into my mind. I was looking at luggage and several pieces I fancied had buckles. Suddenly Rosey’s voice entered my senses and I heard her telling me about some Hunter boots she had just bought which had similar fastenings; she described them as ‘bucolic’. Actually she said they were ‘buck-olic’. When I explained her error she characteristically dissolved into fits of giggles and said that her mistake will probably plague her for ever. That’s when I thought the time had come to open the book on her once again!

I've always tiptoed carefully around some of her funnier stories taking care not step over the edge. I always tried to alternate between the hilarious and the touching. There is a balancing point between being amusing in an affectionate way, and disrespectful in a condescending manner.

So, welcome, or welcome back to the world of Rosey Pinkerton. You can read all of her previous adventures at her dedicated site called simply My Friend Rosey 


  1. i missed the beginning stories of Rosey. I'm happy to be here from the beginning of her new tales!

  2. You had been so quiet with your reports on Rosey I feared that she had disappeared from your life. I think everyone needs a friend like Rosey to keep you smiling at her engaging ways so I assume she is still in Eastbourne?

  3. This is great news! I have missed her.



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