Thursday, November 07, 2013

There must be a poem in there somewhere!

I have always found writing little stories easier than composing poems. When I write a tale I can let the words tumble forth without the constraints of rhyme, format, rhythm and rules. For me, writing a poem is like wearing a straightjacket! I used to knock them out quite often, infact I have a special place for them - No Rhyme or Reason, but I've not added anything for years. Anyway, the Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is the word Poem, so I'll get into the spirit of it and see what I can do!

‘The boy stood on the burning deck’
‘Lonely goatherd, hills.’
‘Once more into the breach dear friends’
‘A host of golden daffodils’

If they can do it why can't I?
It’s not for want of trying.
My friends can do it, it’s not fair
It makes me feel like crying.

So let me have a practice -
find some words wot rhyme.
Let me sit and concentrate
Invest some useful time.

think think think think……right......

Bard, card, lard, yard, jarred?
Plop, hop, drop, cop, mop
Kite, white, fight, might, plight
Stop, crop, lop, bop, flop.


That didn’t help, at least I tried
I don’t know what to do.
But wait a minute, something stirred!
A feeling that’s quite new.

Here goes!

‘He gazed into her longing eyes
And saw inside her mind.
He gazed at her and realised
that he...he ....he.....erm.....’

Oh poo!


  1. "He was not of her kind"? That might give it an unearthly feel.

  2. that her heart was filled with sin
    so he did a reverse backward flip
    and settled for his old Min !

  3. you made me smile; have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  4. nice :) better to take action and try than mope over regret