Friday, June 07, 2013

A moody summer's day.

Leaden lumps of rain pour down from a slate grey sky upon a lake of blackened water. On its surface dance a thousand diamond coronets. Here and there flashes of silver as fish leap, jump, and frolic in the rain.

A swan, head held high, swims serenely twixt reeds and lily pads, unconcerned, seemingly unaware of nature’s fury.

A shaft of sunlight shoots between the clouds, which scatter, revealing a canvas of lightest purest blue. The trees, minutes ago sombre hunched and dour, salute the sun resplendent in their new coats of glistening glossy green.

Bird song breaks the silence, and a fox ventures from its lair. A cloud of insects tumble in the air and a frantic dragonfly hovers, darts then hovers again.

Another moody summer's day.


  1. Beautifully written Keith and so easily envisioned.

  2. So lovely! Your use of imagery and alliteration are truly magic. You make writing in this style look easy but I know it isn't! Great post!

  3. What a beautiful description:)

  4. Reading this gives me some peace. A perfect way to prepare for tomorrow's work :-)

  5. Artful and quite impressive. Congrats.

  6. Life in the country, nothing better. Thanks. Ps My swan was black.