Thursday, April 25, 2013


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'All together now’ shouted Claire.

'Happy birthday to you

Squashed tomatoes and stew

You look like a monkey

And you act like one too!'

It was Jack's eighth birthday and twelve of his friends from school were at his house for a party. Thirteen if you include if you include his embarrassing little sister Claire!

They had just finished tea. Mummy had made sandwiches- some from egg and cress and some from crunchy peanut butter. They had slices of pizza and little hot dogs. And sugary coloured popcorn, marshmallow on sticks and cones filled with chocolate ice cream.

They were having a wonderful time playing games. Musical chairs was their favourite. They danced round and round, and when the music stopped they all dashed to sit on a chair. But there were never enough and the boys pushed and shoved each other until one gave up! Boys will be boys! Then they played pinning the tail on the donkey, followed by a game to see who could be the quietest for longest. That was Daddy’s idea! 

Suddenly there was a loud rat-a-tat-tat at the door. Who could that be? Then in walked a huge clown, all dressed in red with enormous red lips and curly red hair. He flung his arms up into the air and down floated zillions of sparkly bits of glitter.

He did lots of Magic tricks. How they laughed when he pulled a string of sausages from Claire’s ear, and yellow rabbit from a hat which he put on Jacks head! Then he pulled from his pocket loads and loads of balloons. The girls, being girls, blocked their ears as he started blowing them up. Then he started pulling and twisting them which made a horrible squeaking noise. The girls giggled nervously while the boys started shouting ‘bang – bang’. 

In a few minutes the room was filled with balloon shapes. Poodles with blue heads and green legs. Pink daffodils and purple swords. They were everywhere!

Then the clown waved a huge red blanket up and down. He held it way up high with his arms outstretched so that it completely hid him from view. There was a loud bang and a puff of red smoke. The blanket fell to the ground and the clown had disappeared!

The children just sat there for a minute in complete silence – their mouths open as they tried to work out where the clown had gone!

‘Birthday cake, shouted Mummy from the kitchen. The lights went off and in she came, her face lit up by eight little candles. ‘Let’s all sing Happy Birthday!’ she said.

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  1. liked the "happy Birthday..." never heard the "squashed tomatoes....." before



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