Sunday, September 30, 2012

'Wishful thinking' followed by Part 3 of 'You'll understand, in a while'.

For Carry On Tuesday

You'll understand, in a while PART 3

Amee was swimming in the pool in the garden of the villa. It sat high up on a mountain side and from its edge a panoramic view of the town and its harbour spread out below. The Spanish sun beamed down from a cloudless sky on this little piece of paradise.

“Well done Amee” called out Brian as she clung onto the side of the pool having completed four lengths. She was a strong swimmer and at least once a week Susan had taken her to the local pool back home. But Amee had never swum in a pool like Brian’s. She had it all to herself and it was outside in the open air. She watched as Maria came out onto the veranda carrying a tray of drinks.
“Come here Amee” said Maria. “You need to get out of the sun for a while, we don’t want you burning”. Amee padded across the patio leaving a trail of footprints on the gleaming marble.
“When is Mummy coming?” asked Amee.

Brian had met Maria ten or so years ago when he was holidaying on the Costa del Sol. She was a successful business woman with a lifestyle most only dream about thanks to her creative mind which led her to become one the most sought after interior designers in Southern Spain. But little or no time for a private life. Brian had spent every waking hour of every day since leaving school building up his advertising company in London. It had been his first ever holiday; a break recommended by his doctor who felt Brian was in urgent need of a little R and R. Maria lived alone in her beautiful villa overlooking Fuengirolla whilst Brian rattled around in a magnificent house which so needed to be shared. It didn’t take them long to realise that they had a future together and they married in little church in a village perched on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean. Brian was able to conduct his affairs from Spain and so he moved into the Villa Formosa with Maria, leaving Heath House even emptier than it was when he lived there. It wasn’t long before they were blessed with a daughter, Amerissa. Whist she shared her mother’s delicate olive skin tone, her curly fair hair was something she clearly got from Brian. But fate had been unkind to Maria and Brian, and just before her seventh birthday Amerissa developed a condition which was to cruelly end her life almost before it had begun.

“You didn’t answer me Brian” said Amee with a worried expression on her tanned brow. “When is Mummy coming?” Water dripped from her blond curls.

“In a while  Amee” said Brian, but he was unable to look the child in the eye as he said it. 

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  1. Slowly the jigsaw pieces are fitting together. However as you have indicated even you can't see the full picture yet, so we are all in for a few surprises. As you tease it out you will be teasing us too! Fleshing out each of the main characters might help. I tend to sit down and talk to mine. Looking forward to next week.

  2. Oh dear, doesn't sound too good.

  3. this is going in a much better direction than i thought it would at the end of part two, though it's still quite unsettling! can't wait to read the next chapter!



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