Friday, March 16, 2012


Not much happens in our sleepy little seaside town. If someone breaks a finger nail it makes the front page of the local paper!  So imagine my surprise when I got home from holiday to find a policeman at my front door asking if I could assist them with their enquiries about a serious assault across the road in the park.

I explained that I was stretched out in the sunshine of Dubai at the time so it looks like I’m off the hook! He handed me a letter about the incident in which it says ‘Local residents should not be concerned as Egerton Park is normally a trouble free area’. My mind then went back to last July when one of our beautiful swans was butchered by a drunken teenager. Perhaps it’s not so sleepy after all.

Anyway, work has started on the improvements to the park. Right in the middle, builders are busy constructing the new cafe. It’s due to open in August and the council  want people who may be interested in running it to contact them. I Think I’ll send them an email.

Shortly we’ll be getting little boats on the lake and a new children’s play area. That will be followed by a garden for the blind and a fair bit of landscaping. It will certainly be an interesting year in the park.

The spell of unseasonably warm weather coaxed the daffodils to open at last. Apart from them, not much in the flora department has come out of hibernation. I’m interested to know how they will be keeping the lawns and flower beds watered this summer. Our part of the UK has had far too little rain over the past two winters and as a result we all have to cut down on the amount of h2o we use. Hoses are banned as is car washing and filling paddling pools. We can even be fined £1000 for spraying children with water on a hot day! So I guess I’ll just have to down  more beer than water this summer!


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  1. Sometimes these areas are a place one can sit and allow the mind to take a break.
    Every place has some kind of trouble or strife just enjoy the park.