Sunday, November 13, 2011

Poems or prose?

I used to write quite a bit of poetry . I even won an award or two. But one day I stopped . Not through choice ; my muse suddenly decided she preferred prose to poems. Today I decided to make myself write some verse, and despite spending ages struggling with rhymes and rhythms, my apology for a poem was pretty dire. Then I applied the same theme to a chunk of prose . It flowed out in exactly the way my poetry once did – it was all done in five minutes. By this time next year it could all have swung around again; who knows . Anyway I’ve posted both . Perhaps seeing them one above the other in print might give me the push I need to practice  my verse . 

The summer flower has run to seed
The trees have shed their leaves
It’s cold outside
The sky is grey
And winter’s here indeed.

But in the pub I sit beside
A fire of crackling wood
A beer in hand
A plate of food
I tell you, life is good!

Not so many weeks ago all I could see from the window was a palette of colour. Gaudy blooms adorned well tended beds, trees were dressed in quivering leaves of green , and puffs of whitest cloud drifted across a sky of deepest blue . Today it is different . The summer flowers have run to seed and the trees are no more than frosted skeletons . A leaden sky presses down on all who venture out and the freezing wind whispers winter .

I turn my head from the window and stare into the orange glow of a crackling log fire . I feel a warm glow in my cheeks as I raise a pint of frothing ale to my lips . I watch as a cloud of steam floats upward from a bowl of comfort food and assaults all my senses. From the bar comes the sound of jovial chatter and the clanking of glasses . Here in the inn, winter is kept outside . As I throw another log on to the fire a voice in my head reminds me – life is good


  1. There's nothing like a crackling wood fire, good food and drink to remind us that life is good! Great writing in both!

  2. Marvelous poem and just the way it happens in winter!!
    I loved the simple approach with so much reality and excellent imagery!! Both your prose and poetry are excellent reads and then life really feels good!! The two prompts have blended in so very well!!

  3. Lovely moment is so often the little things that count..a fire in winter is so comforting..Jae

  4. elegant summer imagery.

    welcome sharing a random or relevant poetry with us today.


  5. ah, you combined two prompts - i just posted for these two prompts today also, but i have two separate poem...good on you.

  6. Welcome back to Carry on Tuesday.

  7. Nothing wrong with that poem Keith. I loved it.



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