Monday, November 28, 2011

The investing-gator!

Written for Sunday Scribblings

Little Ricky’s Mum and Dad went shopping the other day and Granny came round to look after him . Granny was very old and almost as soon as she sat down she fell asleep .  Ricky was watching a cartoon on television about an investigator who hid behind lamp posts and looked at things through a great big magnifying glass. Granny had a magnifying glass . She held it up to her bad eye when she read her book . Ricky always laughed because it made her eye look enormous! But right now Granny was snoring and the magnifying glass was on her lap . ‘I am going to be a investing-gator’ chuckled Ricky , and with that he gently took the magnifying glass from Granny’s lap and set off to the jungle outside the kitchen door.

He crouched down behind a white plastic chair and studied every corner of the garden . Not much was happening , so he crawled across the grass on all fours to see what he could find . ‘Aha’ he  said .  Climbing up a blade of grass was a ladybird . He raised the magnifying glass to his eye to investigate what the spotted creature was up to . It looked huge! But it just stood there like a red and black blob . Boring . He shuffled across the lawn to the place where Mums best flowers were looking up at the sun . Right in the middle of a yellow one was a bee . Ricky thought he’d investigate in case the bee was stealing stuff to make honey. He peered through the magnifying glass and watched the bee’s ugly little tongue whipping in and out then hiding the stolen pollen behind one of its fury little legs .  ‘Gotcha’ shouted Ricky and just then the busy bee flew straight towards the magnifying glass and frightened Ricky so much that he fell over backwards . ‘Phew’ said Ricky as he wiped his brow the way he’d seen the investing-gater do it on television .

Out of the corner of his eye he saw some ants . Just a few at first , but then he noticed there were millions of them climbing up a pile of dirt behind the rose bush . 'What are you up to?’ he asked . They looked huge through the magnifying glass .They were scurrying along really fast all in a line . Most of them were carrying bits of leaf between the front legs . He watched them for ages wondering what they were up to . Suddenly he felt a tickle on his leg . He began to scratch it but he didn’t want to take his eye off the ants . Then the tickle became an itch . He began to scratch it very hard . He decided he’d better investigate his leg , so he turned round at looked at his leg through the magnifying glass . He saw an enormous red lump on his skin and lots of naughty ants crawling all over it . We wacked them with his free hand until they’d all fallen onto the grass . Then he jumped as he felt a tap on his shoulder . Still holding the magnifying glass he looked up and all he could see was an enormous set of grinning teeth ! Ricky screamed and dropped the magnifying glass .  He rolled onto his back and looked straight up at Granny who was peering down at him , tapping his shoulder with her walking stick .

A few minutes later Granny was back in her chair reading her book though her magnifying glass . Ricky was watching a clown on television . He was so funny. He had a flowery hat, big feet and a red nose .Richy looked around the room for something a clown might need. He spotted Granny's big brown boots by the door. And there was her hat with a flower in it, and on the table he was Mum's bright red lipstick . ‘ I'm going to be a clown’ said Ricky.


  1. Clearly Ricky and Granny are going through life at two different speeds. Well captured view of the two of them.

  2. I love a child's capacity to get so engrossed in an's something we have to try harder at as we get older perhaps..when the butterfly mind catches up with us..and we want to be clowns..but don't know how..Jae

  3. As writer, you too are holding up a looking glass. I enjoyed this portrait of changeability. Children flit. They are here and there and over there and here...While I sometimes miss that spirit, I am glad that I have the ability to concentrate, to engage with one thing at a time, to delve deeply and to only move on when I've examined it from every facet.

  4. you truly write a story showing the details here,
    well done,

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