Sunday, November 06, 2011

I think it may be an omen

Written for Sunday Scribblings

I have a little book . Actually that’s not completely true because I’ve lost my little book . I’ve always kept it in the same place, and whenever I think of something that will need attending to in the future I jot down a few words to remind myself. You know the sort of thing; birthdays, doctor’s appointments , funerals and the like . I obviously moved it to an unfamiliar place I can’t for the life of me remember where . In other words I simply can’t remember where I’ve left the book that jogs my memory . Is this an omen? Is it a sign that I’m about to lose what’s left of my dwindling ability to retain such  little knowledge as I require to carry me into the autumn of my life?

The other day couldn’t find something that I needed to take with me when I went shopping . What was it? I can’t remember now, but it did worry me at the time . It was last Wednesday I think , or perhaps it was Thursday . I was going to get some , err, things I needed . What were they? Can’t remember , but when I got to the shop I wasn’t even certain it was the right shop .  Anyway I bought something or other , and when I went to pay I remembered what I’d forgotten – my money; or was it my credit card?
I recently moved house. Yesterday (or was it the day before?) when I returned home from work I had trouble getting my key to turn in the lock on my front door . I fiddled about for a while then suddenly the door flew open and standing before me was Susan or Sarah or Sonya or whoever it was that moved into my old place . I’d only gone to my previous address!

Did I tell you that I can’t remember where I left my book of reminders? I think it may be an omen.


  1. Maybe you are just pre-occupied. moving house is very stresful. Cheers Keith.

  2. How do you know me so well? But thanks for writing in the first person.

  3. Yes, I think you told me something, but I can't quite remember what it is. Maybe I should write it down. I think it could be an omen. Thanks for another of your stories that bring a smile.

  4. Hahahaha! Love it! Live it! Ummm...I think, I don't actually remember.... lol

  5. It's funny how much information we carry in our planners and our phones. And when we misplace something of the sort, how terribly lost we become.

    On the other hand, there is a thing called selective memory, and that can be fun sometimes!

  6. Keith, my first time here, courtesy of Sun. Scribs! This was too funny - I am absent-minded as all get-out. When I was pregnant, I used to say, "The baby ate my brain," but now that my "baby" is 24 and living in California on her own, I fall back on my age!

    Clever use of the prompt, Keith. Amy Barlow Liberatore (and here's mine)

  7. Absolutely hilarious! I am very bad at remembering people's names, but I must say, Harold, that this is very good indeed.

  8. I was waiting for the last this!

  9. Thanks for visiting me and the lovely comment. I had no idea you were 'Carry on Tuesday' and old egg too. We learn something new every day!
    I catch myself somethimes 'forgetting' things and think ..nahhh not losing my memory, but then, if we lost it, would we then know if we had? LOL

  10. who needs such things as attachments to reality...



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