Thursday, October 06, 2011

Mary's lamb

Mary had a leg of lamb, she got it from the butcher. She stuck a few sprigs of rosemary in it. She picked the rosemary from her friend’s garden; Rose Marie's garden. Roses are Mary’s favourite flowers. Mary stabbed it with garlic cloves. She got them from her mate Gary who licks cloves. Cloves are good for toothache and Gary suffers with his molars. His friends lampoon him and his spice-sucking habit. Gary has a split personality, a cloven hoof. Mary’s leg of lamb once had a hoof. She coated her lamb in honey, clover honey.

It tasted good.

She also cooked a pie, a blackberry pie which sounds like a pie made from four and twenty blackbirds but it wasn't. Her friends made things too; Pat a cake, and Polly put the kettle on so they could all have a cup of tea.

A tasty time was had by all.

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