Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here there and everywhere

Gemma’s phone rang. She could hear it but she couldn’t see it. She rummaged through her bag desperate to get hold of it before it cut off.

 She pressed the button. ‘Hi’ she shouted, ‘Is that you?’

 ‘At last’ said the voice at the other end. ‘Where on earth are you?’

 ‘I’m still here’ said Gemma.

 ‘Haven’t you found it yet?’ said the voice sounding a little impatient.

 ‘No’ said Gemma, ‘I’ve looked everywhere’

‘But I'm sure it’s there’ said the voice ‘you must keep looking because I need it here, if you don’t find it then everything I've dreamt of and worked for will disappear’

Thirty minutes passed and Carly was pacing the room. ‘So near but so far’ she whispered to herself. ‘Please please find it’. She jumped as her phone sprang into life. 

‘I’ve found it!’ shrieked the voice on the other end. ‘Fantastic’ shouted Carly, ‘get it here as quickly as you can’.

The door swung open and in ran Gemma. Carly was hopping from foot to foot with delight. ‘At last you are here said. ‘If I rush I’ll just get to that interview in time. I so need that job and there’s no way I could sit there without my lipstick on’.

Written for Sunday Scribblings


  1. You certainly set my mind wandering down a few dead ends here trying to working what was that Gemma was looking for. I didn't think it would be as important as lipstick! A real fun piece.

  2. Cute surprise ending! You set me up expecting any number of mutual misunderstandings. I always enjoy your stories, especially lighthearted ones such as this.

  3. I like it. Made me chuckle.

  4. After composing my piece I needed a laugh - thank you!

  5. Rotfl. I thought she was searching for some important flashdrive. Haha. Nice.