Sunday, July 03, 2011

Without a hitch

I recently wrote a story with an ambiguous ending. I called it Ten Steps to Go.I had intended leaving it there, but I’ve given in to the requests I had to complete the tale. To read the first part just click HERE

They say things come in threes! The day he got hitched his plan went without a hitch, and there he was wandering between rows of trucks at a motorway service area hoping to hitch a ride to another life.

It seemed ages ago, yet it was only a couple of days since he’d fulfilled his promise to carry his new wife over the threshold of their new apartment. Only it wasn’t their apartment. He’d managed to get hold of the keys to an empty property and told her it was to be their new home. Nobody knew that was where he was taking her; to an address nobody knew of. Anyway, it didn’t matter now. His new wife was already unconscious when he struggled up the stairs with her. He’d left her on the hall floor to breathe her final living breaths then gone into hiding.  He didn’t need a wife on the honeymoon he was about to embark upon.

He wondered if anybody had found her yet. He didn’t really care because right then he was sitting smugly, riding shotgun in a truck heading for the continental ferry terminal. No one from his past life would recognise him anyway. He was always proud of his long wavy hair and designer glasses. Now he was as bald as a coot, and seemingly able to see without the aid of spectacles.

A couple of hour later he was in the queue at Dover Ferry Terminal, about to buy a ticket to France and a new future; a future where money would never again be a problem.

Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. He slowly turned his head then gasped. This was not possible……was it?

The prompt at Sunday Scribblings this week is 'Hitch'


  1. a-ha so I was half right..hoping that tap comes from the only person who can serve justice..Jae

  2. What a wonderful storyteller you are ........

  3. Somehow I feel that the surprises are not over yet! This could be quite a lengthy saga with twists at every turn. An absolutely captivating read!

  4. Yes, I agree this is captivating. Can't wait for you to continue!

  5. ah no happy end An intriguing story leaving us again with so many questions

  6. Awesome post, thanks for sharing.

    - Followed, follow me back :)

    Check out my blog you might like it.

    - Zack



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