Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A few thoughts about Rupert Murdoch

As for Rupert Murdoch and his band of merry men, I was beginning to feel sorry for the old fella! I honestly think that our world has benefitted from his input over the last god-knows-how-many decades. For instance I’m a great fan of The Times and its Sunday version. The unions closed it in the 70’s, and then it was rescued by Murdoch’s News International. Today it is a very influential medium and has helped shape the political landscape of our country. One could argue that the shape is a little distorted at the moment, but I wonder how different it would be without Rupert’s group of newspapers, the Sun and such other titles which reach every section of society. I also feel that his Sky News plays a very important role in balancing the bias displayed by the BBC. I have found the self satisfied glee on the part of the ‘Beeb’ very uncomfortable of late.

Having said that, I have to admit that I totally disagreed with Mr Murdoch’s decision to close the biggest selling newspaper in the UK, the Nudes of the World (sorry, it’s actually called the News of the World!)after 168 years.  I can honestly say I’ve never actually purchased a copy: no, that’s a lie, because I bought a copy of the final edition as a keepsake – I’ve not yet peered inside!

There were over 200 journalists sent to the scrap heap when it closed, as well as 100 printers. None of the present day staff were involved in what went before, and I feel they have been made sacrificial lambs in order to satisfy the baying mob. I'm well and truly astride the fence. Debate!

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  1. It is sad aye, when we the present have to pay for the past.
    It isn't just this one thing, we as a society feel the dying need to have to say sorry or take the blame for mistakes of those before us.
    Let's get this party started....
    Next we'll have ta get the Italians saying sorry and get millions in damages for what the romans did to Jesus!



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