Saturday, February 19, 2011

Harry has a surprise!

This weeks prompt on Writers Island is Foretell, and at Sunday Scribblings, Food.
Harry loved a good dream. He always said that dreams were more entertaining than television or the movies. He also knew that the secret of a good night-time adventure lay in certain foods! One night last week Harry felt he was due a bit of nocturnal fun, so before he went to bed he gobbled down a pair of pickled onions and a pack of popcorn - they were always guaranteed to work.

That night Harry had a dream. A dream about an island. Buried in the sand on the island was a box and in the box was a surprise. A surprise just for him. But Harry woke up just as he was about to open the box. What was in the box? Harry had to find out.

He didn’t own a boat. Why would he? He didn’t really like the sea. But one sunny Saturday he took himself down to the beach and hired a jolly red and yellow pedalo with a picture of a pirate on the front. He climbed aboard with a pair of binoculars around his neck and a little trowel in his pocket!

Off he pedalled, his little legs a blur as he headed off towards the horizon. After an hour or so he stopped and looked around him. Nothing but water. He sat there for a minute or two bobbing up and down and scanning the blue yonder for signs of an island. And then he spotted it, way away in the distance.

 A few minutes later he landed on a sandy little beach which surrounded a sandy little island with a lone coconut tree right in its centre. He found a stick, tied his handkerchief to it and planted it in order to claim the island for himself.

Something foretold him where to start digging. Out came the trowel and he started furiously digging, a plume of sand flying skyward as he dug and dug and dug. And then he saw somethig glinting at the bottom of the hole. He was so excited! He reached down and grabbed his booty. Suddenly there was a glugging sound and water began to fill the hole. Harry stood there open mouthed, in his hand a silver plug on a silver chain. As the water came closer to the surface Harry scratched his head and wondered what to do next. To his surprise the water began to gush out of the hole and the island started to sink! Before he knew it the sandy island had disappeared beneath the surface of the sea and Harry found himself up to his neck in water held afloat by his orange blow up armbands.

He wasn’t sure what was involved in swimming, but he thrashed about for a minute or two and slowly he found himself in reaching distance of the pedalo.

 As Harry was clambering aboard the little craft, lots of bubbles began coming up from the deep and with a plop a brightly coloured box appeared on the surface. It was square and green and blue and purple and gold. On its sides were the letters CKJA. It was box he’d seen in his dream. Now to discover the surprise that was hidden within. He prised open the lid and certainly got a surprise as a grinning puppet leapt upwards then stood quivering on a spring.

 He sat there for a while with a look of disappointment on his face. He stared at the puppet and the puppet stared back. It was then Harry noticed the eyes on the little wooden head. They were unusually bright. In fact they sparkled. Could they be the surprise he was promised in his dream. Maybe, just maybe they were diamonds. He squeezed the Jack back into the box and closed the lid. It was then he got the biggest surprise of all as the lid sprung open again, the Jack flew up into the air then landed with a splash several feet away in the water. Harry just sat their clutching the colourful little box which then contained nothing more than a wobbling spring. He felt sure he the smiling puppet waving as it sunk below the surface.

Harry pinched himself hoping he was still dreaming, and that he’d wake up in the bath with his rubber duck looking at him from a sea of foam. He was of course a great believer in the power of pickles and popcorn. But no. Every day he wanders down to the beach in the hope that Jack will be washed up. Day after day after day.


  1. hehehehe That was delightful and fun!

  2. Poor Harry. What good is fore-knowledge if we make a mess of it?

  3. Lol what a fun story I love how he pulled the plug and hilarious how he looked in duckies eyes

  4. wonderful! kept me in suspense all the way.

  5. how sweet! i love jack-in-the-box's

  6. A clever and highly readable funny story. I doubt we need look for a deeper meaning, the humour is enough.

  7. 'pickles and popcorn' the perfect food-pairing for this cracking piece! Jae

  8. I think I'll try the pickles and popcorn the next time I need a story prompt. LOL Very well done!

  9. I shall never have pickled onions and popcorn before bedtime! LOL, what a fun read this was! Absolutely delightful!



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