Saturday, October 02, 2010

A story with no beginning and no end!

A story with no beginning........

He parked his brand new black BMW in its private parking space at the business he'd grown from humble beginnings to the international corporation it was today. As he walked towards the entrance he clicked the button on the key then glanced over his shoulder, smiling, as his car winked back at him.

Then suddenly he was surrounded. They came from nowhere. Three men, three threatening men. He looked from one to the other, into their steely gazing eyes. Those eyes seemed to bore into him. There was something familiar about them, something familiar in the sinister way they stared.

‘You thought we’d forgotten’ said one of the men stabbing a finger into his chest. He staggered back and was caught from behind by another of them. ‘But we hadn’t’ said the man pushing him forward. ‘We’ll never forget’ said the third of his tormentors. ‘We’ll never, never forget and nor should you’.

Then they started to jerk him round. Round and round and round. ‘We’ll never forget’ echoed the voices in his head ‘Never never never’

For a second, time stood still. The men, and everything around him froze. There was silence, total silence. Then it happened. A flashback. He saw the men around him as youths, youths from his past, but the eyes were the same sinister staring eyes. He went cold as he remembered what had happened that day thirty years ago, the last time he'd seen them. Then his mind jolted back to the present. He made a dash forward pushing one of the men into the wall. He rushed towards his car, pressing furiously on the key, waiting for the bleep which would tell him the car was unlocked. He flung open the door, and as he leapt into the driver’s seat he found the three angry men sittng inside.

‘We said we wouldn’t forget’ shouted one of them'

 A second voice joined in. ‘We said we wouldn’t forget’.

Then all three of them yelled.

‘We said we wouldn’t forget!’

.............and no end!

Written for Sunday Scribblings 'Flashback'

This weeks prompt at Carry On Tuesday is now ready and waiting!


  1. Otherwise know as the never ending story?

  2. Yikes--you're not ending this?

  3. At least we were warned - about the no ending! :) I enjoyed it!

  4. I presume you're writing from beyond the grave!

  5. Scary stuff (and the pic again!).. I was left wondering if your narrator was the hero or the victim..there is much to ponder in fact and it is is suitably unnerving! Jae

  6. Oooh!! ... what happened 33 years ago? ... what happens next?
    okay, I suppose you did warn us!
    brilliant, I loved it :o)

  7. sounds like one of those repeating nightmares. Mine is flying off a cliff in a bus loaded with all my friends. keeps coming back...over and over..I have been told that you cannot harm or kill yourself (or will not) in a dream so they never have an ending. By the way...I have never forgotten...have you?

  8. ooh very good, it has enough suspence to allow my over active imagination to fill that gaps :)

  9. Flashbacks come back again and again until they are confronted and resolved. Like your take on the prompt,


  10. Freaky, was it a dream or a scene or a ...... Mmmmm?

  11. Success clearly doesn't obliterate the past. So we have to put our own ending in.I can live with that.

  12. the perfect interpretation of the prompt !! loved the whole spooky feel and yet the normalacy of the story !!



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