Friday, October 15, 2010

Clever Bennie!

Little Bennie was so sweeeeet! Big blue eyes, chubby pink cheeks and a littie-bittie button nose. He would crawl around the house, shuffle about the garden and once he even tried to clamber on all fours, up the stairs!

Bennie had a special talent. He didn’t know it was special; it was just something he did. When he was in the garden he could wiggle his nose at a flower bud, and it would burst open and turn into a beautiful blossom. He could frown at an ugly slug and it would slither off as fast as its slime could carry it. He could smile at a spider and sit down beside her, and get her to tickle his feet!

One summer’s day Mummy and Daddy decided to eat in the garden. Daddy was cooking on a fire in a big tin box, and there were lots of adults there talking and laughing going coo-coo at Bennie. Bennie was crawling around amusing himself. No one noticed as he winked at a bumble bee and it looped the loop in the air. Nobody saw him poke out his tongue at a dandelion which exploded into the air, and all the little grey bits floated back down and landed all around him.

It wasn’t very warm outside and Bennie wished they would all go indoors and eat in the kitchen as usual. After all, gardens were only meant for playing in. It was getting darker and darker and suddenly he felt a rain drop plop onto his arm. Daddy looked up and frowned then gave Uncle Gilbert a plate of food. Bennie was getting hungry and wondered when he would get his! Uncle Gilbert started to shake a pepper pot over his plate, and some of it missed and landed on Bennie’s nose! There was a flash in the sky and a rumble of thunder and suddenly Bennie sneezed the biggest little sneeze he’d ever sneezed! And you’ll never guess what happened next! The clouds suddenly scattered in lots of different directions and the sun appeared in the blue sky beyond.

Bennie looked at the sun and grinned. The sun looked at Bennie and winked!

This week (Fiction)Friday asked us to come up with something along these lines - 'What 
are your characters very mild superpowers?'. 


  1. That is a very sweet story.I think kids kind of do have those super powers. Innocence attracts magic. They see what they believe and sometimes we get to see it too.-Tiffany

  2. That was just adorable and so sweet. I could not participate this week as I've been busy with my own novel but hoping to return soon.

  3. You could easily turn that into a kid's story.



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