Sunday, July 25, 2010

A letter from the devil

Have you seen the movie Devils Advocate? It’s one of my favourites and last night I was watching it for the umpteenth time. Just at the crucial moment everything went dark! The power had failed. I have a candle at hand for just such events, but try as may I couldn’t get it to light. As I sat there trying to come up with a plan of action there was a bang on the door.

I felt my way along the wall in the general direction of the door and just as I got there something fell onto the floor. I could just make out an envelope at my feet. Somebody had it pushed it through my letterbox. I pulled the door open and looked up and down the road and just as I did so, a full moon peeped out from behind the clouds. I just made out the shape of a little man in a black cloak scurrying down the road. He stopped, looked back at me and grinned a devilish grin. It was probably a trick of the moonlight, but I felt sure he had a pair of horns on his head! I told myself not to be stupid and found my way back to my sitting room. Just then, in the darkness I heard something smash.

The lights flickered back into life and on came the TV. There was a puddle of wine on the table and in the centre, shattered glass. It was then I noticed that the envelope in my hand was black with my name scrawled on the front in red. I opened it. Inside was a letter written in red ink on black paper. 

Sure enough this is my 666th post. I had planned some witty poem or story making a joke at the devils expense, but under the circumstances I thought better of it! As he said, he'll be watching!

 Written for the Sunday Scribblings prompt 'Letter'

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  1. I hope you've not offended the devil!!

  2. This was wonderful! Super creative and great twists throughout!

  3. Very creative and witty....also very Keith of you!! Loved it....
    Happy 666 to you! You have great karma....devils not touching you!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Interesting post =)) hope u're doing well!alla

  5. What a devilishly good post to celebrate this milestone. I think you are safe seeing you have given him some credit.

  6. Wonderful post to celebrate your blogversary :) (Kinda scary too)

  7. Keith you make me laugh! What a devilishly funny blog anniversary post mate. The trick is though, he turned the numbers upside down to trick us so you really have 333 more posts to go, keep writing. Hahahaha.

  8. very good. never tempt the devil...

  9. I'd rather be visited by Alpha-Omega. Great visuals.

  10. great. I have never had a letter from the devil nad I am just a little jealous. very good but wy would any decent devil break a good bottle of wine?

  11. I'm a little like Old Grizz...just a little envious. I will have to notice how many posts I have. Maybe it has passed and the devil paid me not attention.


  12. Gulp.....Do you think Garlic would work in this regard????

  13. Now Keith that gave me the whillies!



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