Sunday, June 06, 2010

It all started when the guy eating in the middle of the restaurant tried to crack the brittle topping on his crème caramel. He stabbed it with his spoon, but it refused to yield. He then jabbed it with a fork. Mistake! It had the desired effect inasmuch as the topping cracked, but unfortunately the entire dish leapt off the table sending a slimy slick of crème across the floor.

Unfortunately a waiter carrying a tray of drinks was but a step away when the puddle appeared at his feet. He made a gallant attempt to stay upright, but he began to slither and slide around like a drunken skater! Needless to say, by the time he gained his composure the wallbangers, whiskies and wine had launched themselves into the air. There was a crashing of glasses on the floor and their contents shot up and then down again splattering everybody in an alcoholic shower!

As if that was not bad enough, a couple of drink drenched diners jumped to their feet knocking their table skew-whiff, and as a result two plates of the chef’s 'plat du jour' landed upside down at their feet. The waiter, still shell-shocked realised that one of them was beginning to lose her balance, so he shot towards her in an attempt to keep her upright. Whilst his feet seemed to move at double speed like Fred Astaire performing a tap-dance, he made no forward progress whatsoever. Then it all went into to slow motion. As the young lady fell backwards as the waiter leaned forward, and they ended up in a tangle of arms and legs in the slop on the ground.

One by one, fellow diners tried to help the hapless couple get back onto their feet, but one by one they too ended up on their back-sides. You should have seen it!

Then the fun began. One of the fallen guys started laughing. Then another, and another. Before long everyone was laughing! Suddenly one girl grabbed a fistful of food and rubbed it into her friends face. Someone else did the same, and in no time at all it had turned into one hilarious food fight!

People still talk about that night. One letter to the local paper, presumably from an ex sailor, suggested the name of the restaurant be changed to the Mess Deck! Several other correspondents thought it would be a great idea if they made the food fight a regular event! Now that really does sound like fun.

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  1. Don't think I would have wanted to be there but I sure would have liked to be at the window with my video camera :)

  2. Great stuff! I kept expecting Harpo to leap from under a table and honk.

  3. This was such a fun read. I can just picture this in my mind. A slow-mo effect that affected the whole!

    I'm still giggling over this. Great stuff Keith.

  4. I loved the way when reading this the action seemed to be going in slow motion with the food, drink, and bodies all finding their way to the floor amid great amusement.

    Another great fun read.

  5. Hi Keith,
    My oh my, you write a very good yarn! Alliteration accents the action in your delightful piece. I can envision the entanglements and was smiling before the contagious laughter of the participants caught me.

    (I'm the woman who can't link to her typepad account directly, so this is not "S", it's Gel:



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