Friday, June 11, 2010

And the award for creative writing goes to.............

Oh Lucy, Lucy, Lucy! What can I say! Not only did you honour me with an award, you told your readers I was sweet! If only you knew!!!

In accepting this honour I’m required to submit to you, dear readers, a piece of creative writing. Creative in the true meaning of the word, as in inventive!  I love the idea behind this ‘meme’. I have to write six things about myself, five of which have to be either pure fiction or utter truth! It’ll be your job to spot the false fact (or facts)

Lucy changed the rules for hers and went 50/50! I may do the same.Creative writing is not really my thing (first lie!) Please go visit Lucy's post, it's great fun.

So watch this space. I’m going to have fun with this, as I will in finding a few bloggers to pass the award on to.

By the way, did you notice my new header? I thought I’d go for a different  look. I've also added my 'inspirational' playlist to the sidebar. It's the music that wafts over me when I'm trying to cobble a few words together. Take listen, it works for me you may just like it!


  1. Yay!!!! You are most creative boyo

  2. haha You are too funny! I know I am right that you are Sweet and a perfect gentleman!
    LOVE the new header and I still haven't tried (or thanked you??) for the music you've sent me or the music right to the right of me.. Will def. try to get to it! thanks keith!
    Can't wait to read your lies and find the truth! hugs xox