Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a Carry On!

Carry On Tuesday is one year old! I have just worked out that I’ve spent a whole week of the last year trawling through novels, poems and songs to put it together! It’s not just picking the prompts that’s so time consuming, although I have to say it gets more difficult each week. It’s finding the bits of background for Carry On Tuesday Plus that gets me scratching my head, often into the early hours of Sunday morning!

So now it’s time to decide whether or not to carry on with Carry On! I tend to think that the amount of time I invest is disproportionate to the number of folk who join in. If I was working with a single word prompt as do our colleagues at Sunday Scribblings or Writers Island, it wouldn’t be an issue. I also have to consider the fee charged by our unreliable friend Mister Linky! Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

So, Carry On Tuesday # 53 is ready and waiting. If you’ve not joined in before, why don’t you have a crack at this week’s subject – it could make all the difference to my decision! Simply click HERE and you'll find yourself there!


  1. Keith, I'd hate to see it go, but what matters is how you feel about it. Sometimes we take on projects as therapy or for want of something and if the passion for this has dwindled then you know what you must do.

    I speak for myself when I say it's been such a ride doing these. I can't believe a year has passed already!! Wow where does it go.

    You could simplify C.O.T. and not do Mr Linky. We could place our urls in the comment area. Regardless of what you do a HUGE THANK YOU is in order. You're simply the best.

  2. YEAH!
    What Missy said........

    COT ta keep the home fires burning.