Sunday, May 02, 2010

I'm back!

I have an enormous task on hands. I've returned from Cambodia with a mind filled with contrasting images and emotions. I've witnessed a small nation pulling itself back from a tragedy in which over 2 million of its small population were eliminated under Pol Pot's leadership, and it happened in many of our lifetimes just forty years ago. I saw hope and determination, even from those who still bear the scars of that tragic time. Cambodia is reinventing itself and doing very nicely. 

So, I need to reduce the hundreds of photos I've taken to a representative manageable quantity, and I'll be trying to put into words the  images filling in head. I'll start tomorrow!    


  1. I am hoping to visit Cambodia one day soon. What an interesting trip you must have had. I will be watching for the pictures.


  2. Welcome back I know some people who went there I even wrote a poem about the begging children there for a blogger. It must have been a quite emotional experience.