Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Time to wake up!

Now listen to me. I’ve been very patient, but I really think it’s about time you stirred yourself. I know its cold, but if I can put up with it, so should you. What’s the matter with you? We all like a lie in from time to time but this is ridiculous. This time last year you and your mates were up and alert despite the frost and the snow. This year you are still tucked up in your beds.

If the snowdrops can raise themselves so can you. I know they were a bit slow at surfacing this year, but now they are all on parade and beginning to wonder just where you have got to.

Being a crocus doesn’t give you any privileges. I just looked in on the daffodils and although they are understandably reluctant to raise their heads above the soil they are at least making an effort.

So, this is your final warning. If you don’t get up and open your petals  right now you will find yourself joining the weeds and clippings on the compost heap.

I’m counting. One.....two.......three........four...........


  1. Very cute.....ours were up way too early this year. As you may have heard we had to ship snow in over hay for some of the Olympic events Allergy season has begun...blossoms are starting way too early...hope it stays!!!

  2. ha, someone's in a hurry from spring to make its appearance...

  3. I can't wait for the daffodils!! They're my fav as you know.

  4. Slow done George!!!!! (sorry - Keith) all in good time. Climate change is all the rage. don't yer know, we've even heard about it 'down under'. Thanks for your visit, I like your blog & will return.