Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A new day, a new look

My piece for (Fiction)Friday

Life was dull. One day much the same as another. A boring job, wearisome workmates, dreary so-called friends and a lacklustre social life. There was only one thing for it, a total change of image. And there was only one place to go, London’s trendiest market in Camden Town!

Sunday morning and the underground train was crowded. Opposite sat a girl with long pink hair, alabaster skin, bright red lips and black-framed twinkling eyes. So different from the reflection which stared back from the blackened window. A pale, drained face, lifeless mousy hair. To the right a young lady stood hanging onto a strap and reading a celeb magazine. Everything about her shouted chic! Her skirt, those shoes and that top.

The market was a riot of colour. So much to choose from, where to start! Every look, every style. There was fashion from every corner of the world and beyond. And wigs and makeup and jewellery and shoes! It took just one hour to make the purchases, an hour to start a new life.That evening the transformation was complete. Time to venture into the town.

First stop a stylish bar up west. Then a meander around Leicester Square and a table for one in a glitzy chrome and glass bistro. Heads turned. It was all so different from twenty four hours ago. Perhaps it was time to check up on the new look, tweak the makeup, smooth the hair, spray on some cologne. The bathrooms where on the opposite side of the restaurant, a perfect chance to zig-zag between the tables of diners and show off the look to a cool and fashionable audience. Then a sudden moment of indecision. Which one to enter? The ladies room or the men’s?



  1. gulp. you always do it in the last line...

  2. So much fun with this one. A great take on the old twist. Keep seeing Dustin Hoffman in my head when I read this, or Robin Williams.
    Fun read.

  3. Excellent...just wonderfully told, with the element of surprise! I was first drawn in by the colorful visuals. Captivated by the market my daughter still speaks of with fondness... where she bought the cutest feminine little coat that she has worn almost daily for two years! Fun and fashionable watching her swirl off in the morning still brings me joy, just like this post!!

    Thanks for the sweet read, and visuals...this post is the whole package for me!!!

    Hugs Giggles