Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going green!

True Colours Thursday - Things I've seen in shamrock green!

To my mind the most practical and comfortable car ever built! Launched in 1946 the deux chevaux sold all over Europe until production ceased in 1990 when its basic construction no longer complied with safety or environmental requirements! It was designed as a car for the people by the French manufacturer Citroen, and it's claim to fame was that a basket of eggs could be transported across a ploughed field without a single breakage! I've owned five!

 The trams in South London used to be finished in a rather boring blue and cream. And then suddenly they all got a new coat of shamrock green paint!

It's St Patrick's Day next Wednesday and I'll be wearing my Guinness hat  once again as I have year after year after year. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!


  1. Green is soothing on the eyes. Did you know our eyes crave the colour green, yep they do.

    You look marvelous in your green top hat/beer hat.

  2. We maybe joining you next year...... I said maybe......

  3. Excellent - love you in the hat - will you be drinking the green ale then too!

  4. i love these green photos. so bright and cheery!

  5. is that you hiding under the hat. lol great hat So you are doing some graphic design now as well being framed by the clavers. Lucky you Hope all is well Keith

  6. I am seriously coveting that hat.