Sunday, February 14, 2010

The job

This week Sunday Scribblings has asked us to write about Ethics!

It was the chance of a lifetime. Jobs like this one rarely came up. It was the talk of the canteen. Such a shame that old Archie snuffed it, he was still young. But he did have a plumb position in the company and envy had always run high. Now a successor was to be sought and later that day an email from the boss, Lord Ponsenby appeared on the junior manager’s screens inviting applications from employees interested in parking their bums in Archie’s rapidly cooling black leather, executive, all-singing, all-dancing, electrically adjusting, winter-warming seat!

Graham was quick off the mark with his grovelling ass-licking submission! Colin was minutes behind, promising his unstinting loyal support for the company and a pledge to maintain the high standards for which Archie was renowned.

 By the end of the day the boss’s computer was groaning under the weight of fifty or more requests from minor managers and minions eager to nail their name to Archie’s office door.

It was however a two horse race. Greasy Graham stood staring out of the window of his fifth floor office, wringing his hands. He wore a self satisfied grin on his face and raised his eyes to the vacant office seven floors above. Conscientious Colin sat at his desk hidden behind a mountain of books and documents relating to the company’s two hundred and fifty year history. Ethical Colin who would succeed in his mission by fair means not foul. But he somehow knew that Graham would slither and slide himself into this most excellent position. He needed a plan.

The next morning at eight thirty sharp Lord Ponsenby arrived at his office. Today was to be the day that Archie’s heir was to be chosen. He hung up his coat, placed his bowler hat on a peg, and then spotted a bottle of his favourite Island Malt Scotch Whisky sitting on his desk. Taped to it was a business card. Graham’s business card. But Lord Ponsenby was a man with high moral principles and a bribe would do nothing to influence his decision. Indeed, a bribe such as this only made his decision easier.

And so, Colin got the job. Colin who for the first time in his life threw his ethics out of the window and taped one of Grahams business cards to a bottle of Lord Posenby’s favourite Island Malt Scotch Whisky.

This weeks prompt from Carry On Tuesday can be seen by clicking on the logo. Please join in.


  1. So creative. It sent shivers.

  2. Wonderful! Love the surprise ending.

  3. The tale was a delight but even Lord Ponsenby would have weaknesses. Nobody comes out of this well. An intriguing take on the unbelievable real world.

  4. Love the twist at the end. But Archie's chair sounds terrific. Now I want it.

  5. very clever. loved the ending.

  6. This was great Keith... very engaging. I had the inkling Colin would somehow wade into the mud. Enjoyed how you put him there... :)

    NOTE: I see the link to your Carry On Tuesday prompt site. Perhaps I'll give it a go?



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