Saturday, February 20, 2010

Danger, low flying pig!

This week our prompt at Sunday Scribblings is When Pigs Fly. I don’t normally do this, but I really can’t resist reprinting a very short piece I wrote on this subject last year! If you saw it then, then please accept my apologies for being lazy! I probably will come up with something original tomorrow!

I think I have a pretty good idea about what will happen in the future. I have to admit that none of my predictions have come true yet, but it’s only a matter of time. The other night my friends laughed when I told them that next week............ well, never mind what it was, you'll find out for yourself  in a few days time. Suffice to say they said it could never ever happen. 

When I left to go home they were all making oink-oink noises and flapping their arms! ‘I’ll show them’ I thought. At three in the morning I was awoken by an emormous crash!

A bump in the night

It gave me a fright

I jumped out of bed

And tuned on the light

Guess what I saw

Just there by the door

A confused looking pig

Prostrate on the floor!

The poor pig had stars spinning around its head and it was looking at me through crossed eyes! I was a little confused I can tell you! At first I thought it was a dream, but I did that pinching myself thing and it hurt, so I guessed I must have been awake. Then I noticed there were bits of my ceiling all over the carpet and an enormous hole above my head!

I looked up to the sky

And realised that I

could prove to my friends

that pigs really fly!



  1. This one made me laugh! I'm so glad you decided to use it again.

  2. I'm still waiting to see my first - not long now, I'm sure.

  3. The lovely think about writing is...we can make pigs do anything we desire. But you have gone one better and have come up with a way to prove you are right! :_) Be well.


  4. Hahaha.Hey before I left Junee a couple of years ago I started stained glass lessons and I had a pink pig with wings cut out before I left....but I flew away without finishing it. So I guess that one didn't fly either :)

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  6. Genial post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

  7. I'll try to do better than Anonymous Thing 1 and 2: very funny.

  8. You have made me a believer! Love this! LOL.

    Giggles on a Sunday morning when everyone else is still asleep. What could be better?!

  9. As a recent convert to SS I am glad you posted this one again.

    A great laugh.

  10. this is cute. and yes, i think pigs are cute too

  11. Cool Keith... :-)


    reminds me of rated X limmerick I heard last year:
    "There once was a porker named piggy
    who loved to get down and get jiggy..."

    I better stop there, lest I offend.

    On The Edge

  12. better watch out - chicken little could have been correct. Pigs flying would be fine unless the sky started falling! This was cute Keith!

  13. Oh that is just too perfect. I'm glad you recycled it.



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