Saturday, January 23, 2010


This weeks prompt on Sunday Scribblings is the word Yes
Gerry rushed down the street and thumped on Joey’s door. Joey pulled it open and stood there in his dressing gown with half of his face coated in shaving foam.
‘Well?’ he said blowing bubbles into the air. ‘Did we do it?’
‘Yes’ yelled Gerry, 'we bloody well did! Celebration tonight in The Bull after the meeting.’ And off he dashed.

His mobile rang; he plugged it to his ear and listened for a second or two. Then his face broke into a smile from top to bottom! ‘Yes Tom, yes we did!’ shouted Gerry ‘ See you at the meeting!’
Gerry flew into the village post office. Several villagers were standing in an orderly queue the way villagers do. The bell on the door went ding dong ding dong and turned as one to see Gerry standing there puffing and panting and grinning like a Cheshire cat.
‘Don’t just stand there’ shouted Graham the postmaster, put us out of our misery – did we win?’
Gerry paused for dramatic effect before flinging a fist in the air and screaming ‘Yes!’
‘Champers in the The Bull on me tonight’ said Graham the postmaster.
‘I’m usually in bed by eight’ croaked old Mrs Jones ‘but tonight I’ll make an exception’
‘So can I count on you all to come?’ asked Graham to his assembled customers.
‘Oh yes’ the queue replied!
Gerry rushed back out into the street just as Paul the postman was returning from his round, almost knocking him from his bicycle.
‘Gerry, put me out of my misery’ Paul said ‘Do I still have a job?’
‘Yes – you – have!’ shouted Gerry and Paul bumped into the kerb, fell flat on his back and waved his legs in the air with pure delight.
‘Yes, yes, yes’ giggled Paul.
The Town Hall was packed to the gunnels, the eager crowd waiting for the planning committee to confirm their decision. But the villagers had already heard the outcome from Gerry. No-one asked how he found out! But then, in a village the size of Old Bramton, there was no way the outcome could possibly have been kept secret. In one corner a gaggle of businessman stood with serious looks on their worried faces.
The Mayor marched into the room, his gold chain glinting under the spotlights. Behind him came his team of sombre grey haired, grey suited councillors. They sat, and then the crowd sat
The mayor banged his gavel on his desk and rose to his full officious height. He noisily cleared his throat.
‘In the matter of Tesco Supermarket’s application to build a new store on the site of the Post Office, a decision has been reached by means of a poll of all those living in the area concerned. The ballot paper asked the following question. Do you wish to see a Tesco Supermarket built on the site of the Old Brampton Post Office? Yes or No’
‘I can confirm that the overwhelming majority voted NO and as a result........’
But he couldn’t end his sentence, as the ‘no’ crowd, Gerry, Joey, Graham, Paul and all of the villagers leapt into the air and screamed YES – except that is, for Mrs Jones who woke up with a start and waved her walking stick above her head. The dejected ‘yes’ contingent mumbled ‘No’ and left the hall by the door at the rear.
Graham the postmaster jumped up onto a chair.
‘It’s champagne at the pub on me, is everybody coming?
‘YES’ they shouted as they headed out of the town hall and into The Bull to the sound of popping corks and clinking glasses.

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  1. Great job! Love the pacing and plot :)


  2. "YAY" for some reason I want to shout for joy and share in the festivities.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Another victory for sanity. loved the story and the way you wrote it. Very suspensful and fun.

  5. I could see the mayor with his gold chain come walking in. For some reason he looked like the man from Monopoly. LOL
    Love the story. The YES es won again. Good common sense.

  6. excellent. i can only say 'yes'!

  7. I thought this was going to be a sporting win until it got near the end. The town beat the developers, yay!

  8. Really liked this. I enjoyed your humour.

  9. Phew, I like the idea of Champagne at the pub!

  10. I wish they'd build a Tesco in our village - the nearest one is 50 miles away... but that's another country.
    Long live the traditional English Village!

  11. Woohoo. I'll drink to that...well anything really but this story will do nicely.



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