Thursday, January 07, 2010

snow boats

I took these pictures down on the beach a couple of hours ago and I'm still thawing out! To see them larger and in far more detail just click HERE! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  1. Keith, you'll only think it redundant if I keep saying this or that about your talents, but you know how I feel about them.

    I love these pics even though you're still thawing out lol. It's quite a joy to see your world. I am truly a fan of the nautical. I love my nets you took pics of for me and when I get my own place they are going up.

    These look like I can step into and experience with you.

    Adore ya and your oh so many talents.

    Have a great evening. You know a sniffer of brandy can be quite soothing and warming LOL.

  2. Whats the white stuff mate?
    A few whiskeys would have gone down after that trip.

  3. these pictures are absolutely amazing. yet snow and boats... i agree, brrrrrrr

  4. Hey there you,

    I tried to post a comment yesterday lets see how today goes. I love the pics they are absolutley beautiful and it does make you feel like you are standing right beside them. So cold brrrr. You guys almost seem as cold as us right now but then again I did look out the window this morning and ugggh it was snowing lol. Great pics Keith. xoxoxox

  5. lovely to look at but i know the weather's a killer

  6. Why are you stying in the cold when you could be on holiday in sunny NZ?

  7. These are just lovely - I particularly enjoy the bright colors against the snow.