Monday, November 09, 2009

What would you ask?

I was on a trekking holiday in the Amazonian jungle. Our guide told us about a mysterious village which, if found, promised the secret of eternal life and untold wealth. He told us that those who’d tried to find it were never seen again. Legend has it that either they had succeeded in their search and were rewarded with a journey to paradise, or they had failed and met a terrible end at the hands of the devils henchmen.
I asked in which direction I should walk if I was to decide to seek out the village. A look of fear came over his face. He told me I should forget that I’d ever heard about it. He told me that there was a path that led there, but after a mile there was a fork in the track and nobody knew which way to take. One led to heaven and one to hell. He told me that identical twin brothers lived in a hut beside the fork and only they knew which path was the one to take. He also told me that one of the brothers always lied about which path to take. The other told the truth.
I said that I would make the journey.
Right now I’m sitting in paradise drinking champagne and smoking the finest Havana cigar! I knew how to find out which path to take. I knew the question I should ask, whichever twin I met at the fork.
If you were to take the path, what would you ask the twin?
If you are unsure of the answer scroll right down to the foot of the page!


  1. AH I had to look at the answer but still don't got it. I think you will have to ask both brothers.
    If you ask the one who tells the truth, he wil tell you that his brother would send you to the path to hell (but you don't know if he tels the truth)
    If you then ask the lying one he would say his honest brother would send you on the path to hell
    (because he is lying) Conclusion it has to be the other path.
    Would that make sense

  2. i thought you said the answers at the bottom of the page?!?!?!?! okay, i'm off to e-mail you. i've heard this one before but can't, just can't recall the answer...

  3. Hmm so many ways to approach this, if in fact we're dealing with heaven and hell scenario.

    Seems the path which was least traveled would be the one to take as the path everyone thought was the right way would be the most worn.

    Then again this could be a fable, as was said didn't matter if you made it or not no one was ever heard from, are you one of the brothers perhaps?

    You could have decided not to take the journey and just went to havana eh!!!



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