Saturday, November 14, 2009

Answer me this.........

This weeks prompt at Sunday Scribblings is Oracle

Some people think they know everything! Aren’t they irritating? It’s even worse when they really do know everything! ‘Orrible Oracles' I call ‘em! That’s why it’s fun to have a few questions up your sleeve to fire at them when you want to put them in their place.
The trouble is that most questions do in fact have an answer. Once I thought I’d be clever and ask what a question with no answer is called. Back came the answer – rhetorical! I wondered once how it is that you hear yourself think, but apparently you don’t actually hear anything at all, you just think you do! When you are born how is it possible to think if you can’t speak and know no words? Answer that one!
Why isn’t 11 pronounced one-teen or onety-one? Speaking of numbers how about this one? If it’s zero degrees celsius outside today, and tomorrow is going to be twice as cold, how cold will it be? I once got a ‘know-all’ really going with that one. And just for a change I knew the answer. That is, I thought I knew the answer. It’s so complicated that nobody dares question me, yet if I’m to be perfectly honest I don’t understand the answer at all!
Apparently temperature is based on how much molecules move in a second, so at 0 degrees they are not moving very fast. But twice as cold means they move twice as slowly compared to the speed they were moving at 0 degrees, and it comes to minus 8,200 degrees! Challenge me if you dare!
If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests? When people ask you for the time they often point to their wrist. So what should they logically point to when they need directions to the bathroom?
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  1. ..........:) I will laugh in spanish.......ja ja ja...well said"

  2. Onety One- was hilarious to me.Owly Ouch i can't attempt the tests!

  3. As a mother of two small kids your question "When you are born how is it possible to think if you can’t speak and know no words?", has got me wondering... Babies react to their senses, I doubt they consciously think at all...and toddlers react to their desires and instincts, "I want it now"....My 5 year old when asked what he was thinking, once stated "I'm still thinking it"
    Excellent post

  4. Wonderful musings Keith! Remmber ... there are things we know, things we know we don't know and things we don't know that we don't know!


  5. i wouldn't dare challenge your genius!
    all the questions you pose.. remind me of an excellent George Carlin routine
    So fun Keith! xox

  6. Well what can i sure annoys u at times...The "i know it all" attitude.
    And there are no answers to some questions...

  7. What fun! Thankfully I didn't have to answer!

  8. And science tells us that absolute zero is -273 degrees C. So is -8200 just in theory?

    A great mind bender, you are always ready to tease us, Keith.

  9. is this a test?? ya know like one of those personality tests in school when they say there is no right or wrong answer.. thinking...does it hafta make sense?

  10. thanks for that bit of trivia. someday I'll use that on my kids.
    I'm still trying to figure out who killed Cock Robin. However, I do know why beer foams when you put salt in it. Never been able to find anyone else that knows the answer to that one. Maybe one of the twins at the fork in the road,

  11. You smartiepence Great post

  12. It was rather interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

  13. Oh dear! I am certainly not an oracle, certainly not, not on those terms. Hehehehe Nor a smart arse either.

  14. It's been proven while in the womb a baby is capable of learning the sounds his parents make, she/he knows peace and fear while within as well. I say when a baby is born, it's not so much thinking at that point as it's instinctual. Hungry -- that which we know as a baby crying, is their vocabulary, it's their expression of self.

    To me your cold questions would logically be 0 to the 2nd power LOL okay so I can't answer that, but since you did I wont try

    When asking for the loo, I'd point to the puddle on the ground, but then it'd be to late. Okay so now I'm being a wise cracker hehehe



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