Tuesday, June 09, 2009

the book of secrets

The book was thick and black and covered with dust
Its boards were bowed and creaking
I prised the pages wide apart
And heard the sound of speaking
I can’t explain exactly what happened that day. It was surreal, almost as if it wasn’t happening at all, only it was. I heard a voice I thought I knew. You know how when you hear a recording of yourself you hardly recognise your own voice? Well, I suppose that’s what happened then.
I heard the voice, presumably mine; asking the questions I’d always wanted to ask but had never dared to, perhaps because I was afraid of finding out something I’d rather not know, or perhaps because I knew I could never face knowing the truth. But in those few moments I learned the answers to many unanswered questions and several mysteries that I’d carried within me for all those years.
I closed the book and a cloud of dust rose into the air. As I did so I swear I heard the sound of laughter. The sort of laugh that suggests that everything I’d been told was not necessarily the truth.
I tied a ribbon ‘round the book
And placed it on the shelf
Where it will sit until I need
More secrets of myself.


  1. A most enjoyable read!

    Ha ha ha ha!

  2. There's a lesson here. I think if we were to listen to ourselves more often then we could/ would know the answers to our problems. It's that tiny voice we carry inside the one that's barely discernable. Well written Keith. Have a nice night.

  3. I think you'll think me a repetative ninny because I'm always saying this is your best, but truly from a writer's point of view this is good.

  4. Made me think of that old saying about eavesdroppers hearing things about themselves that they wish they could "un-hear". I'm not sure I would ever read that book again LOL - there is something to be said for being blissfully ignorant!


  5. makes one wonder if perhaps somewhere there is such a book and if we all couldn't benefit from reading (listening to) it

  6. If life is a reflection....then this book is the source that speaks out the days gone by. Enjoyed reading this.

  7. you are going where no person should go. Never ever look deeply into your own inner self. Burn the dam book

  8. Hey there,

    This is very well written. I really think it is more to it than meets the eye. I think this is a post that led up to that break from writing post. Hmmm talk to me. Hugs to you



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