Tuesday, June 16, 2009


  1. Ya knbow something....I thing I know wass up!

  2. i don't know what is going on! but that is why my friends dubbed me loopy..
    Hope u are okay Keith..
    whitesnake knows and that makes not knowing even more frustrating!
    I love reading you even if I am sometimes too swamped to comment...
    hope u return to writing soon

  3. Keith, I'm never more than a beep away. I've ears good enough for a nice chat if you need a friend!!!!!

    You know I adore you and don't wait to long on that muse. Find the things around you to get the pen humming again!!!!

    With you not writing.... well that is such a waste of space and silence.


  4. keith you are speaking in riddles. hope things are not too bad and that you may return to us soon and safe Take care and hugs from NZ

  5. I know all to well those things that can come up and cause your muse to leave. I'm still struggling with that a bit myself. During this time I've found if you plunge yourself into other artsy outlets that your muse will eventually creep back in, slowly. I hope yours returns soon as you are a fine writer. Otherwise, I hope everything gets cleared up soon.

  6. You are a picture within........my friend........

  7. maybe our muses have run off together as i cannot seem to find mine either.....

  8. Your muse will return. No doubt about that. Just don't force it out.

  9. be back soon...till then I will walk along your writes here.

  10. I don't think this post means a stop, why, this is an affecting simple piece in itself!

    I know the mind somethimes has to rest, but I beleieve there would never be a moment to a great writer like you when the pages of your fecund mind would be empty.

    "Days of empty pages pass by, but not with empty thoughts, not with an empty mind" ~ Jeques

    I have moments like that, too, but our creative spirits would always find way to express their thoughts in many different forms like what I do now, painting and even before when I still don't know I could write, there were poetry in my sketches, in everything I do, in my bonsai in the garden.

    Don't be gone too long, you will be missed.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques