Friday, May 08, 2009

Rosey goes back

I thought I’d let you know that my friend Rosey has written a story. Nothing unusual in that I hear you say, but this time even I’m impressed! I suppose it helps that she’s taken the Mickey out of herself for once. If I’d written it you’d have accused me of making it up!.
It’s about turning the clock back which is quite appropriate since she has a problem with clocks and often reads the hands back to front! I was on the phone to her the other day and she suddenly squeaked then said “Look at the time”. I looked at the time and said “I’m looking at the time, what about it?” She said “It’s twenty to eleven and past my bedtime!” It was in fact five minutes to eight.
She always has a problem with the seasonal time changes. When the time jumps ahead an hour it takes her ages to adjust. For at least a week she claims that she suffers from jet lag!
And no matter how often I recite the adage Spring Forward Fall Back she always manages to get it wrong. She says it would be easier to remember if it went Spring Forward Autumn Back. I’ve given up trying to explain why it wouldn’t work.
As for the twenty four hour clock, forget it! She was supposed to catch a train last week at 20.45. Did she catch it? Not a chance! She ended up getting a taxi instead. 
Anyway, her piece is well worth a read, so click here and enjoy.


  1. LOL you always make me laugh. Now on to Rosey's blog where I am sure to get a laugh as well



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