Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not much happens on November 25th. Percy Sledge was born in 1941 and as I’m sure you’ll remember the Christian martyr Peter of Alexandria keeled over in the year 311. In 1949 Bojangles died and Karl Benz the German car manufacturer took his first breath in 1929.

In 1977 David Steed balanced stationary on a bike for 9 hours 15 minutes, and the future Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip in Westminster Abbey in 1947.

And did you know that in 1949 Gene Autry's "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" entered the pop charts and in 1963 President John F. Kennedy was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
So I suppose it falls to me to provide the biggie! On November 25th 2006 I plonked my first post down here on Keith’s Ramblings!
This is my 500th post. My first one was a pretty dodgy affair called Lucky Dip. Nobody knew I existed so unsurprisingly I got no comments. The piece which has received the most hits is a travelogue I wrote called Samos – an unspoilt Greek Island. Although it only picked up three comments at the time , my hit meter has recorded over 1200 visits via Google.
My favourite post has to be My Dear Friend, a very short piece I wrote about the death of one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met.
I supposed I got the most satisfaction from writing my part work The Stranger. I never knew from one week to the next where the story would go but it worked. It now has its own site.
I suppose the biggest thing to happen to my blog was the arrival of Rosemary Pinkerton! I first wrote about my friend Rosey in January in an article called The Adventures of a Girl called Rosey. It was an instant hit and so I’ve continued to write about her ever since, in fact I’ve written 53 stories about her to date. Throughout it all she’s remained a good mate despite me telling you all sorts of things about her, admittedly embellished and exaggerated on occasions, and teasing her mercilessly! More recently she has taken control of her adventures by starting her own blog called Rosey’s Posey and when I read her posts it’s almost as if I’d written them myself!
Today Keith’s Ramblings is just one of 7 blogs I run the latest being a writing prompt site called Carry On Tuesday.
So, will I write another 500 pieces? I don’t know. I sometimes think that I spend too large a part of my life here at my keypad and too much of the night writing when I should be sleeping. But in the immediate future I fully intend to keep up the pace.
Finally thank you for your support. Without your generous comments and encouragement I would have given up ages ago!


  1. Well well well that is quite an accomplishment sir. I do wish you another 500 plus posts. I love what you have to say, love the stories, poems, and miscellaneous other posts. Congrats and cheers to you!

  2. Congratulations and celebrations !!! From 2006 that's a long time. yes I loved all the ones you mentioned and I rememberer the samos post as well. I also have a busy google post and I keep adding to that post little bits Up to the 1000

  3. Keith my friend CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a milestone to celebrate. Lets see 500 reasons to keep reading this blog because x's 499 and because I just enjoy the friendship of the man behind the pen.

    You're a sweet, intelligent man and I bet sometimes saucy friend.


  4. Congratulations Keith - quite a milestone :)

  5. Congratulations Keith, I started my Proper Joe's site about the same time - but, I've not done anywhere near as many posts as you!!

  6. Not quite ya age but damn close......

    Another whiskey perhaps?

  7. 7 blogs????? then you need a huge big congratulations on your 500th post on this one!!!!

  8. Congratulations Keith! It is always a pleasure to read you!

  9. Seven blogs? Now, that's rambling!

  10. congratulations on the advent of your 500th post.. you know we will be here reading many many more to follow...

  11. 9000 commas? yeah, that's probably me as well, congrats on your 500th and hope many more to come

  12. you've used 9000 commas but NO curse words!! Good for you! (just came from reading what rosey said about how you feel about cursing! ut OH.... Lucy's got some 'splannin' to do!!)
    CONGRATULATIONS on your 500th post AND on all your writing accomplishments! I wasn't aware of 7 blogs! but I will be finding time to pop in on all your creative outlets! big hugs to you Mr. keith! xox

  13. Keith, I'm thankful for so many of your 500 posts (although I wasn't in on the beginning of them). I've never had a counter. I'm not even counting how many posts I have published to my blog, but what I have really appreciated is making friends. I treasure you as a friend as well as a font of excellent writing. I look forward to 500 more posts!

  14. congratulations, congratulations and more congratulations!

    and here's to many more...

  15. Congratulations Keith on 500....I'm surprised Rosey didn't leave a comment. I'll have to give her a piece of my mind!! haha I guess she mentioned it in person. Which is just as good!

    I hear you about the nights...nothing like being a night hawk!! I think the best creativity happens in the wee hours!!

    Hugs GIggles

  16. Happy 500, and I for one, hope you do at least 500 more!!!! I'm now off to read those early posts I missed.

  17. I love the idea of a lucky dip. That sounds like a fun way to spend a day.
    And I felt like I was with you on Samos, not to mention that Airbus!



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