Sunday, May 17, 2009


"I’m watchin’ you sunshine” muttered Mickey under his breath. For months they had been hiding in the shadows observing each other’s movements like two jungle cats skulking in the undergrowth just waiting to pounce.
It was a dark night and the wind roared as it rushed between the trees and buildings. Jonno had waited ages for a night like that night. A night when Mickey was away. A night when he could go about his business unheard.
But Mickey hadn’t gone way. He was watching from the back of an anonymous van in the lay-by across the road. Jonno was invading his property. He was in his garden extending a ladder and ever-so carefully placing it against the wall of Mickey’s house.
He slowly climbed the ladder, the wind violently buffeting him. Intruder alarms are difficult devises to interfere with, but Jonno was an expert. It was Jonno they called for when an alarm stood between them and their booty.
Once the alarm was disconnected he slipped away as silently as he’d arrived. Mickey smiled. “You’ve just made very big mistake sunshine. A very big mistake indeed”
It was no secret that Mickey had a safe in his cellar. Not any safe but one that would put a bank vault to shame. There was only one person who had the ability to crack it. Jonno. And given the activities of the other night, he was clearly about to make his move.
“Prepare yourself for a bit of a shock Jonno” he whispered to himself. There was not a safe anywhere which was safe from Jonno’s nimble fingers. No, something else was needed to stop him getting his grubby little hands on the treasure within. And a shock it was to be. He looked on as one of his useful contacts wired up the handle on the safe to the electricity supply. 'Poor Jonno' people would say, 'fancy suffering heart failure whilst doing what he enjoyed most'.
Mickey often had to travel overseas. There was always business to carry out in faraway places. His driver called at the house the next morning to take him to the airport, only he never arrived.
Instead he watched from a distance as Jonno skilfully let himself into his home. But Jonno didn’t go straight to the safe. Instead he visited the bathroom, and with him he took a few tools. Electrician’s tools.
When he finished in the bathroom he made his way to the object of his labours. What happened next he never expected. It was over in a flash. A blinding blue flash.
“And then there was one” Mickey said as he stood over Jonnos body which lay rigid on the floor in front of him, its eyes bulging and a look of terror frozen on to its face.
He started to laugh as he walked up the stairs casting off his clothes as he went. He strode into the bathroom and turned on the taps to fill the bath. The cork from the bottle of Mumm popped and foaming champagne flowed onto the floor. He raised the bottle into the air. “Nice knowing you Jonno!” he roared, as he started half drinking, half spilling the champagne. He stepped into the bath tub.

The End


  1. Keith Gladys picklepuss Hillman, a cliff hanger, but I figured it out!!!

    I wont say though someone else might not have yet.

  2. Clever, clever! A born mystery writer, you are!

  3. wow, i love these stories of yours!

  4. You know I like dark!

    And yes I will be there on tuesdays!

    SS: tangled mess

  5. Hey there this was very excellently done.

  6. Loved this, but who never made it? Mickey or the driver? What did Jonno do in the bathroom? Did Mickey die? Hope there is more coming!!



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