Monday, April 13, 2009

Natures garden

Pigs grunt
Cows moo
Frogs croak
Doves coo

Sheep baa
Birds sing
Bees buzz
Wasps sting

Ducks quack
Cocks crow
Mice squeak
Winds blow

Branches wave
Streams run
Clouds float
In the sun

Swans glide

Fishes dart
Ponies canter
Bulls fart

I love the countryside



  1. And I love your poem! Great picture, also.

    P.S. I love the countryside, too.

  2. I love countryside too :)

  3. Love countryside too! It's been a while since we enjoyed a countryside drive to soak it all in.

  4. aaaaah, yes, your words attest to that. oh, i forgot, i ate your half of the easter egg too, next time, heee heee heeeee

  5. This is really fun! It's the kind of poem that children, too, would enjoy. Maybe even memorize - or do children do that anymore?

  6. Blue cows in England now? That mad cow has a lot to answer for. Nice job. BTW am giggling at G S comment.

  7. Cocks crow????

    Very well done mate!
    There is plenty ta love about the country side and its lush feilds and buxom women.......

  8. That last bit nearly made me fall down laughing. Fun poem.