Saturday, December 27, 2008

the room

She sits alone
in an empty room
filled with happy memories

A quiet room
but for the echoes
of merry laughter past

Time to leave
so sad to go
For she was happy there.


  1. she WAS happy there
    but time went by
    and turn the happiness
    into loneliness...

  2. what an amazing poem. feels so serene...

  3. wow!
    What a lovely picture you chose to post with your words.
    I specially enjoyed the picture of her room, as if it was her galaxy, galaxy she is going to leave, but there will remain the

    Awash in memories
    Darkness found
    Bleeds the thoughts
    And pain abounds

    Lost in sorrow
    Lost in grief
    The heart is open
    For all who seek

    Some souls pass
    Some collide
    Forever eternal
    Forever entwined

    Divine solace
    Will come again
    As the universe spins
    So galaxies combine

  4. i am as we speak trying to find that happy room.. and one i do.. i promise to never leave it again.....

  5. The key to the room always exist as long as the memories remain. Even if locked away in the heart all it takes is a twist of the key to open the door to that room again

    Beautiful words, gorgeous picture.

  6. Are we on a bit of a downer mate?
    Stoke up the bbq and we'll ave a few cold ones and share our memories......

  7. i can relate to this having just moved. it's sad to look at an empty room...

  8. I feel that will be me someday, when I leave this happy home I've built. (and they haul me off to the old folks home!)
    beautiful Keith.