Tuesday, December 09, 2008

our nanny state

Our government have come up with a new way to reduce the number of people who smoke, particularly youngsters. Take cigarettes off display and stick them under the counter! Hoorah! Isn’t our government wonderful? I wonder how many millions of pounds of our money they spent on research before coming up with this bright idea?
.They would also like us to use less fuel for our cars. I know – let’s hide petrol pumps from view and then people will drive less. And obesity is a problem so let’s take bread off display and folk will stop buying it! What utter nonsense.

A couple of years back they banned smoking in pubs and workplaces. What happened? People stood outside bars and offices in full public view enjoying themselves! Young people think it looks cool!
.So from 2011 ciggies and tobacco products will be hidden from view, and by 2012 we will be a healthier nation!

By the way, I am a non-smoker.


  1. very clever these politicians, aren't they...

  2. every one is so caught up in trying to control the actions of others they often forget what total arses they are making of themselves in the mean time... i assure you this is not just a UK thing,,, it is here in the US of A as well!!!!!!

  3. You'd better leave the politics to me, Keefy. We can't have both of us in trouble!!!

  4. Oh boy we have people like this in all forms of government don't we.

    Well what they don't know eh!!!!

    Shssss exna on the bread eh.

  5. Ah and they are getting paid for these ideas do they?
    Here the sigarettes are so expensive that not many people smoke, only the ones who can't afford it

  6. Next we will be told to moderate our thoughts.........

  7. We have a law that you have to be 18 to buy tobacco. And 21 to buy alcohol. I haven't noticed that either of those laws has reduced consumption by the younger population. It just requires them to be more creative in the acquisition.