Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I called on my friend Rosey earlier this evening. Her door was unlocked as usual so I let myself in
From her kitchen I heard her call out in a weird voice “Look, a wise man approaches from the east”

I was actually approaching from the south, but nonetheless marvelled at her perception! I popped my head around the door to be greeted by her feet – she was standing on a chair waving her arms around like a gale-struck windmill!

I won’t steal her thunder by telling you what she was up to. In fact I’m here now to suggest you read a funny little piece which she wrote on her blog a couple of hours ago which will explain all!

Just click HERE!!
(I don't believe this girl. There's already another post above this one! There's no stopping her!)


  1. You teaser you.. Now I'm off to see what Rosey was up to

  2. You are quite a couple. It is almost like duo blogging now